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  1. thanks mate! the custom color mix test has been done, for the RLM 74 I used 60% of (H 401 Dark Grey)+ 30%(H42 Blue Gray) + 10% (White) once the colors were sprayed I coated with a matt barnice with 10% white mix to tone down colors to produce a scale effect. this has been fun, matching my relic samples and applying to a model with these colors used in 109G6's and some late versions, specially those that were built at Erla plant which have a sawtooth wing camo pattern and abundant round mothling patches on the fuselage, I put some comparison side by side so you can be the judge yourself and take your own conclusions. next I'll apply this test to my 109g 1/32 model which I will post in "work in progress" section. cheers
  2. Thanks Matsu, I'm very glad you find this interesting, I appreciate it ,cheers thanks Gazzas, I have to confess that I like your signature picture cheers mate! well I have spayed the RLM 75, the recipe I used as a base is H 331 Dark Sea grey (Great Britain) but it needed a bit of red tone, H 13 like a 5% and a 10% of white next is the RLM 74, cheers
  3. Thanks Tony and Kevin for your comments, today I've been doing some mixing paints to try to match my samples using Gunze Hobby Color Aqueous. in the first picture you can see both pure paints, on the right it is Gunze H417 "rlm 76" which is not a good match to my sample beside is Gunze H 314 (blue FS 35622 Israeli Kifir) straight out of the bottle, pretty close but misses a bit of blue tonality, I added a very small hint of pure blue, and 15% of white and finally got a decent representation of my sample ( some grime and dirt on the edge of my sample but can be seen but the center was fine sanded and cleaned) On the second picture it is my final mix, I used an old 1/32 "B" Mustang to do some spray test at least "B" Mustangs and 109's have some similar forms so, this for now, next I'll be spraying RLM 75 which I also got a good mix match for. cheers
  4. Thanks Vincent for your comment, I guess I'm going to have to refine my chart, a work in progress indeed, it is due to photography lighting, it looks more blueish in the flesh and to me matches with this relic in Poland, and also I can "feel" relation with the 76 on the airtake of the australian 109, it is a very intense color in the flesh, very particular one. cheers
  5. Thanks Tim for your words, this is comparative just for fun with the Monogram's Luftwaffe Painting Guide, also found this interesting video with paint colors comparison with AK interactive, Gunze Lacquer and Model Master paints, sadly is only in korean cheers
  6. Hi Kagemusha, yes probably true, but even getting close to the "Exact color" would be very interesting and worth the effort, cheers
  7. thanks Matty for your reply, I totally Agree with you so that's why I'm sending it to a professional who has a spectrocolorimeter and base color data, so more precise info we'll have cheers Antonio
  8. well for me that would be exactly what I was looking for, what really interest me, these colors on this period of war! one of the best 50e I invested lately thanks vincent for your reply, can you please explain something more about "Lacquers class 33 "? cheers
  9. I would consider this expensive 28.000 euro for this https://www.lux-military-antiques.com/en/p/messerschmitt-bf-109-gk-camouflage-vertical.htm
  10. Hi Vincent, well, this is the first time I ever bought a relic, I started recently searching in ebay for stuff like this, I would love to buy more for 10 e if you referme where to, I personally paid 50 e for 5 pieces and feel it was worth it, also depends on you passion about it and how much are you willing to pay cheers
  11. thanks Alex for your comment, I appreciate it! these are the 109 tail parts from where I bought mine, although cracked because of the crash, some mud and dirt easy to clean, the colors have preserved their saturation quite well, if anyone is interested in getting their own, here is the link, cheers, btw I'm not related to this seller https://www.ebay.es/itm/WW2-German-Luftwaffe-WOOD-Elevator-Stabilizer-Relics-Grab-Bag-Me109-G10/391957000144?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3D6f4639c3ec7d4f129ce8ea4ce667e96f%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D15%26sd%3D391957000144%26itm%3D391957000144%26pg%3D2481888&_trksid=p2481888.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3A20023bbd-bacd-11e9-b22b-74dbd18001fd|parentrq%3A7779f86e16c0ad4a4ce74fb1ffd708a2|iid%3A1
  12. thanks Alex, that's pretty interesting info, I don't have that book but have seen a review on youtube from which I took this screenshot, rlm 74 is the one on the bottom left and looks quite similar to my relic, dark grey without any green tonality, would you confirm that? also it shows a great picture of a 109g which I had seen only in low resolution and colors look quite blueish , quite cool! cheers
  13. until you bring me MOUNTAINS of relics that shows RLM 74 in green color quite clearly! cheers
  14. thanks Rob, I guess the more and more relics and information available the better, also using a spectrocolorimeter will be more precise for color measurements, next I will try to match with comercial paints to see what comes out of it, so this is a chart of my relics, just an approximation guide because lighting and monitor calibration will change from one to another but the hue is close as I can get with what I see in the flesh , anyway , cheers
  15. I guess you just shown the thought to stick closed to what other said in the past as sacred no matter what instead of an open mind to evaluate with new evidence and research and make your own opinions, I'm on the second type, cheers
  16. are you telling me that this is not grey blue but green? see the IG helmet which is green
  17. yes they are that old but it is really a matter of exposure to the elements what really matter, a painted object can completely fade just in weeks under strong sunlight as an example meanwhile other can be preserved for hundred or centuries completely intact as an egyptian or pompeii fresco for example, it is all about the exposure of elements, my relics are very good shape in terms of saturation, I also conducted some light sanding to see if there has been fading of the paint and the result is similar in the inside, I also contacted to "Camouflage paints" business and contrast information within about the rlm74, he has original samples as well and he coincides with me about being into the blue tonality, http://www.auradesign.eu/camo_paints.htm the official name of this shade was RLM 74 Dunkelgrau / Graugr√ľn (Dark grey/Grey Green) that is the million question dollar right there and all controversy begins, in the nomenclature, because photos and relic evidence don't show any green instead, there is no simple one relic today that show that green in question, and I have seen many... I'm still waiting for it cheers
  18. I think there has been also some confusion with the late introduction repaint of 74 with a dark green color, some name it rlm 82/83 like in this example
  19. well you can photoshop any picture but you can't photoshop the relic I have in my hands and I can tell you in the flesh it does not look any green at all, my relics have no corrosion or rust been wood have preserved so well than metal relics, where is all that Volumes of factual evidence that you mention? cheers
  20. So, these relics are prove of my suspicions about the RLM 74 color (called Dark grey and also Grey Green) being on the dark blue side with almost nothing of green from what paint and model makers companies are normally rendering, more and more relics are coming to the surface everyday that show this, these are some examples as well , cheers
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