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  1. great work but yellow Zinc chromate on a german plane? they used RLM 02 which was a greyish color, cheers
  2. I printed the "Mickey Mouse" on decal paper, cheers
  3. some decals and a mottling pass cheers thanks for watching!
  4. one of the few color pictures of Galland's 109's
  5. and a comparative with these 74/75 relics form a 109 G10 cheers
  6. Thank you Troy, glad you like it, be careful 109's can become easily an obsession cheers first coats of RLM 76 thanks for watching, cheers
  7. thanks Reserve_22, will paint Galland's 109 in RLM 74/75/76 grey camo cheers
  8. thanks Chrish, until patience allows it cheers primed with RLM 02 thanks for watching, cheers
  9. adding more details... the wing root bump panel lower fuselage missing panel tail wheel cover wing slats a view cheers
  10. I tried to improve that hole shape where the guns are visible, I used magic sculpt to fill them and carved a better shape, cheers
  11. if you look closer it's there, it was mention by fellow member Reserve_22 earlier in the thread, Galland had a privileged position in the luftwaffe and had many goodies installed in his aircraft before went applied into production, cheers
  12. thanks Mike, I saw that in another build cheers small update on the cockpit, since his 109 had drop tank I had to add the fuel panel under the IP, also the fuel pipe and some gauges and pull handles missed before, also some maps to fill that map case. so the building phase is done, painting coming soon... cheers
  13. Thanks bro I'm very glad that it can help you with your builds, cheers Dragon's kit elevator trim tab is the wrong position, gladly I had spare ones from Eduard kit, also added cushion and harness to the seat, cheers thanks for watching!
  14. yes, it could be, I have not finish to address that area yet, the new wingsy kit CAD drawings are quite helpful also as a rivet guide, although it is an E1, cheers
  15. Thanks mate! glad you like it, cheers done with them, added also some archer rivets. thanks for watching
  16. Thanks Mark, Magic sculpt is true to his name, lovely material!! cheers
  17. thanks, just Rosie the riveter tool, I started using the 1 mm before I had the 0,75 mm one which is more accurate to 1/32 scale, just a rivet counter sometimes lol cheers
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