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  1. Wonderful stuff, just seen it for the first time. I shall soak it all up like a sponge. I have a modest F-E5/XP-38 build going on over at BritModeller and I expect to pick up more than a few tips from you. Also, thanks for mentioning the Alcorn book. It's now on the list. Cheers Dennis
  2. Hi Jim Just one more thought on canopies and then I'll butt out. After I sculpted the male clay mould for a canopy I first vacuum formed one out of opaque styrene to check the shape and fit. On a Monogram F-86 I did one and then trimmed it to a close approximation of the canopy framework and then tried it on a test clear vac of the canopy. Well it worked, more or less, and whenever I get around to the stage of needing a canopy I'm going to give it a more serious effort before trying anything else. (Really must look into how to post photos on here.) Cheers Dennis
  3. Hi Jim Pretty impressive for a "first pass". Not sure if you are building a -1 or -2 but just thought I'd mention that there is a subtle difference in the angle of the windshield. the -2 having more of a slant..... but I'll bet you already know that. Cheers Dennis
  4. Hi Jim, Still following with interest. In fact I went back to page one and started all over again. The CAD stuff and printed parts I still find pretty amazing. Who'd have ever thought only a few years ago that printed parts for modelling, among other things, could become the norm for scratch building. Your method for making the buck/mould? for vacuum forming the canopy was interesting also. I use a slightly different method. If you go to my BM F8F build, page 1, post 18 &19 it is more or less self explanatory. I use clay (Super Sculpy Firm) for plunge moulding and general pa
  5. Hi Jim Just curious, what did you use for the canopy and how thick was it? Cheers Dennis
  6. Hi Jim, Tried to give a couple of “likes†on the engine and LG but no luck. I'm guessing I need to have a few more posts before I can do that. Cheers Dennis
  7. Gotta love a Bearcat. I enlisted in LSP after stumbling onto your build. I usually hang out over on Britmodeler and am redoing an old Testors F8F (amoung others). Looking forward to seeing the rest of this build. Cheers Dennis
  8. Interesting project and exceptionally clean scratch building. Dennis
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