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  1. Secondary masking; blue filtering: The decals are on, too. Well, they are perfect but the long lines for the walkways are a little bit on the wrong (longer) side. Luckily, it was easy to cut and shorten them by overlapping some pieces. I saw how they look on previous builds, i checked many pics of the real plane... they certainly needed some shortening almost everywhere. I think they are exactly where they need to be now.
  2. Shawn, most probably i'll never see it in live, but i certainly have a new wallpaper. Awesome photo!
  3. Primary masking; primary filterig:
  4. thx much guys! It's getting shiny and ready for masking of the top...
  5. I think the bottom side is sufficiently good: And how the colors shift at very shallow angle - the "masked lines" are darker on the one side and lighter on the other. It's because they are glossier than the rest of the surface
  6. Guys, i did the unmasking.... it's more gorgeous than i thought. I'll take pics tomorrow in daylight.
  7. I did it my way The bottom side is something like a big trial of some new technics, and lacquers... to make sure for the top side So here is how it looks after the decals and a secondary masking/unmasking + the final dark filter:
  8. Hi! It's looking good already! If the flat coats are water resistant, I would go for the weathering with a subtle salt treatment technic. Wetting the areas with corrosion, sprinkling large salt particles, spraying black/white acrylics very thinly here and there, then removing the salt. I'm not exactly sure for the treatment after that, but I would use OPs for sure. She is looking gorgeous!
  9. The tires actually look to me a little bit more overwhelmingly weathered. But that should be cause of the macro. The pylons however are.... flawless! Beautiful!
  10. 10x all! Shawn, this is still the "under" finish.
  11. After the main black/blue filter. That's how the light color should look like. Lots of masking now....
  12. Hi! That's crazy wicked good, man! Congrats!
  13. I'll definitely need some time to enjoy it like it is right now glossy and sparkling... Btw, the agenda for painting is slightly different from the initial one. I just got the new mig gloss lacquer and it turned out that it is originally waaaaay diluted as it is out of the bottle. so it leaves a very nice wet coat. i should experiment on that lacquer + water based temper paints for the main color and the filtering.
  14. After the metalizers - Dark Aluminium and Duraluminium: The panel lines are slightly scribed just to allow me to orientate easily within the parallel things...
  15. The Surfacer - before and after: It's already with metalizers, but will take pics tomorrow at sunlight.
  16. Oh yes, oh yes! These lights surprised me indeed. Quite interesting and complex and realistic. And the model is just Phabulous!
  17. Thanks aircommando! This sounds epic, especially the first one I love dioramas.
  18. Noooooooice! Looks fabulous and awesoooome!
  19. 10x Dany Boy! Btw check out my facebook albumbs with the Parked and In-flight photoshoot when it was still without the weathering: https://www.facebook.com/milan.mitev.7/media_set?set=a.1463650750337895.1073741846.100000789522018&type=3 https://www.facebook.com/milan.mitev.7/media_set?set=a.1462139703822333.1073741845.100000789522018&type=3 there are more pics
  20. Well, i don't have quite much to say about the previous pics.... but it's finaly weathered and i took some while it's still fresh after the weathering. This is after an overal salt treatment; a very light postshading and imitation of streaks with OPs; some very very subtle pin-wash mostly along the moveable "parts"; and a very very light coat of satin gloss over a few/separate panels; and after some sponge dabbing to create larger wethered ares. Here is it, in flying mod. Btw i'll post only a couple pics here and the most in the first post so that there are still some visible pics on the first page. Enjoy guys! Thx check out the first page/first post for more...
  21. Nice! Awesome weathering! This point of view in the pics make it look very fast
  22. Very sparkingly clean to my taste, but it's wonderful! I like these constrasts! GJ
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