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  1. I also have no words.... You are wicked evil! Amazing weathering over the foil... And those rivets....awesome!
  2. Awesooooome! My favorite part - the side IPs. Very very GJ!
  3. @Barry, thx a lot. They really have nice meshes and yet I think they are a little bit on the coarse side. @Thunnus, thanks man! It's my 5th or 6th model with moveable parts... Actually this allows to make two or three models out of one because it transforms from a parked to flying display position and beyond. And each looks like a different model.
  4. Actually no, I couldn't find that kind of tea bag (I think I know what you mean) while I was searching, but I certainly want to be something quite rigid. The tea bag might be too vulnerable to touch, etc. It's just too fragile. Cause it's almost imposible to avoid touching that area (let's say I will manage to avoid touching it with fingers) because the tiny holes might easily be clogged by dust particles and the only way to clean them is with a brush. The right romboid pattern could easily be compromized. I think the transparent plastic piece with the scared pattern gives a couple of adv
  5. It's FLIR time. I'm gonna make it moveable too (rotation on only 1 of the axis (up and down)) by using 2 gears and I'll tap out an accessing hole for the larger gear through the NLG bay. A bit later on that. Meanwhile I noticed that the entire tourette needs a little adjustment - it needs to be moved a bit higher. This is how it looks on the real plane - it just barely touches the screen and the upper frame: and that's how it looks in the model: ...Not to mention the screen of the sensor itself that is "halfway visible"... But I think that's a
  6. That's how you do it! Well Done! Btw I would also sharpen a bit the zig-zag's trailing edges towards the sides of their perimeter (near the fuselage sides).
  7. Awesome plane! I like more the black markings. Well , they both are very beautiful. . .
  8. Low and slow... It's getting together very nicely!
  9. Yeah :)) the next level will be to make the airflow deflectors extending along with the the opening of the doors...
  10. By the way, just a quick note, the GTR wheels/tire set is intended for the F-15 kit and the size of the nose tire, respectively, is correct for the F-15. Whilst the F-117 really used the same landing gear of the F-15 but that was true only about the early version/prototype of the F-117 (Have Blue, Senior Trend). In some ways I believed that both planes had the same or very similar NLG... well, they are similar but not entirely. So the info on the pic from this Walkaround book ((c) to James Goodall) is really about the serial plane with the "normal" size tire, hence the difference of the diamet
  11. It's not done yet, but the retraction of the trapezes finally is. I took a short video: ....extended - with and without the launch rails: And retracted in the bay, again with and without the launchers - they are just temporarily testfitted:
  12. Oooh, ça va, ça va! Awesome looking cockpit and engines.
  13. A little change in plan was needed... I'm sarting from the beginning of the issue... so, I was modifying the NLG bay door's hinges to make it fit in the fuselage while I noticed something - the entire lower fuselage is quite .... "fragile". Well, don't get me wrong, the kit is absolutely perfect, gorgeous, but the 2 halves of the fuselage are a little bit on the thin side. Actually they are too thin (to my taste) and especially the lower fuselage (which is almost a giant flat piece) can bend like a "paper sheet". This led to two issues: (i) the fit of the NLG door is impeccable - it fits with
  14. Hi Troy! The AFV Club canopy is a game changer! I highly recommend it, indeed i think it is absolutely necessary for a decent looking model. And it fits perfectly, it's just times better than the original transparent canopy. It's definitely worth it. The only trick is that it is nothing more than the original transparent canopy but only coated from the inside with a golden-purple-orangy tone which does not shift color accordindg to the angle, so you dont want to mask or stick anything from the inner side, just in case. How did i get it? Well, long story short - i made a synergy of my trip to L
  15. Thx Shawn! I'm just about figuring out how to close/open the NLG door. I'd rather keep the original hinges cause they fit perfectly. The kit's quality is very good.
  16. Very nice looking nozzles! Kinda remind me of the intake screens of an old Orenda (if I'm not mistaken) engine.
  17. The nose gear is first. The metal replacement is a one-piece pylon/strut/actuator (the MLGs have only a metal pylon), so to make it retractable - i'm using only the main metal pylon and the second (smaller) part of the diagonal strut. The other "things" are replaced by the original plastic parts... The metal parts - cut, the seamlines are sanded and everything is polished. Shiny shiny... So these are the main parts. Check out the pins/holes for the hinges. I also decided to use the standard kit wheel and tire for the nose gear beca
  18. Yeah but not 100%. Only the cooling holes will require subtle reshaping, but it's just that what's needed.
  19. Guys, i'm back! This time not with something in 1/48 or smaller. That thing... It's the Trumpeter kit, my second 1/32 scale model, and it's quite huge It's so ever slightly bigger than the F-15 in lenght and even in wingspan, which impressed me a bit. Alright, let's do it. I plan a rather slow and longer build. Some may know very well the quality and what's in the box, but i'm gonna make a thorough review these days whatsoever. Here is just a quick glimpse: And of course, i'll take advantage of the AFV Cl
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