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  1. @aircommando130 and @Out2gtcha I used a mix of desert, red and white from VallejoAir, but vallejo has now her own desertpink, I think it’s more simple.. Serge
  2. Hi Friends, I was never a great fan of the Panavia Tornado jet, but when I saw the box-art of the Tornado GR1 from Revell in desert-pink, I have to build one. Here is the result... Ciao Serge
  3. I love your build, unusual paintscheme, clean, not too weathered finish, the base looks fantastic, great result. Serge
  4. very impressed, by the quality and the numbers serge
  5. excellent work David, weathering is great Serge
  6. Hi, just wanting to share one of my prefered model I made some months ago. The wood aspect was made with Uschi van den Rosten decals. Serge
  7. I was a little unsure about the Navy blue i have mixed, what's your opinion? Serge
  8. Hi friends, want to let you participate to my last work, F-4Ua1 from Tamiya finished with eagleCals, Eduard cockpit-mask and Vallejo colours. Decided to make Dean S Hartley's personal corsair from VMF-225 in August 1944. Needless to say that the build was a real pleasure, it's an Tamiya..
  9. Hi Brehnen Absolutely great build, for me you found exactly the right colors for the IAF, wich colors did you use? Serge
  10. Thanks for your nice and useful comments Serge
  11. Unfortunately I cannot share your enthusiasm with this third release of the Corsair, I waited for something really new from Tamiya Serge
  12. Dear all, after my tamiya mossie, i thinked it was time for other stuff and after a jet in the form of a Mig-21, i was inspired by Tom Cooper and Farzad Bishop book "Iranian F-14 Tomcat Units in Combat" to make another jet in the form of an iranian Tomcat, probably, after the F-86, the most successful Jetfighter. Unfortunately the only 1/32 solution of the Tomcat was the Tamiya kit from the early seventys, but after all the kit was not bad at all for his forty years. Below some photos I take this afternoon with the help of central europe springtime sun, will try to do some better photos
  13. fantastic build Kevin, especially the weathering and chipping, found it not to much Serge
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