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  1. looking good, i like the fixes just beware the console cowling still looks a bit raised, dont forget you have the gunsight to add, it may still foul the canopy
  2. According to forces.net wreckage has been found but no pilot
  3. i must admit my first thought was, 'its ment to disappear off radar'
  4. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/20190409_45/ a F35a has gone missing in a training flight over the sea
  5. well its beginning to look the part at least
  6. WARNING!!!!! the kit has been final beaten into submission, i have found something that fits without any assistance!
  7. there seems to be a few people casting them (and selling on evilbay) and making there own, sadly bandai dont make them, which is a shame
  8. ill be watching, this makes 3 builds in the whole of the internet!! i wish you luck
  9. mate there awesome, can you get extra base pieces, they look like they interconnect? you could build the whole death star!!
  10. not done much as ive been concentrating on the harriers but the base is finished
  11. guys, i havent given up or put this on then shelf, 1 its too big to fit on the shelf, but my forum (mmm) is doing a display at Newark Air Museum on sunday to celebrate the 50th Aniversay of the Harrier http://www.newarkairmuseum.org/Harrier_50th_Quick_Guide http://www.newarkairmuseum.org/Harrier_Day_19 so i have to prioritise the 2 x 1/72 harriers on the bench, so normal service well be resumed soon (also need to re-stock on the hard stuff to get me through )
  12. Lol I actually work in a nut house ( I'm a mental health nurse in real life) No I've been at work 3 x 15hr days in on leave now so work will resume
  13. great progress mate, however im not sure how your going to get the bottom to line up with those intakes
  14. dont worry ill finish it, but i may need sedatives first
  15. if i ever complete it
  16. ive not found anything yet, ill let you know when and IF i do
  17. so i got bored with sanding and for a break i decided to add the outer wings in this process you have to build the wing fold mechanism, for wings out you build it flat, for folded at 90deg easy!! worng!!!!, well they build easy however when inserted into the opening they are too long this is how they come and this is how they SHOULD fit you have to take, about 5mm off the length, i did try both sides and its the same anyway moving on so when you add the outer wings (each needs to be checked for flash, seems as there is 0% tollerance), you then put a cover on the fold, but it wont fit!! the fold mechanism is too big and fouls this so out with the dremmel then at least the cover goes flat, even though it leaves a gap i have to say my mojo is struggling with this build
  18. so ive spent 2 days filling and sanding the tail, and although a small amount of tidying up is still needed, these to my eyes at least look much better
  19. well, at least the base is getting there
  20. i will never surrender!!!
  21. so ive finished nights and im back at the bench so nose cone on, and yep youve guessed it more filler needed now i was praying the tail fin fit was good, so they could be painted and decaled and then added later at the end of the build....... ill let you judge for yourselves do you ink ill get away with it?
  22. if i were you id contact Newark Air Museum (UK) they have an extensive photographic archive of Canberra stuff http://www.newarkairmuseum.org/ enquire@newarkairmuseum.org hters also the canberra SIG https://ipmscanberrasig.webs.com/
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