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  1. Stunning,inspirational. A joy to see. Not quite the same as the Airfix 1/72 I built 45 yrs ago as a 13 yr old!!!!
  2. I'm with brewer.........like the mind set......it's a different hobby or I quit. It's simply superb.
  3. Waving hello from up the road in Guelph. Small world.
  4. Oh good grief,another excuse to give up,and enjoy the hobby by watching.
  5. Don't forget to tune it,so it sounds right! Incredible.
  6. I could think of nothing finer than ,had I had one ,"playing with plastic" with my son. As is,I have a wonderful daughter.The wife however was apparently unimpressed,when upon hearing the arrival was going to female,I was heard to say.........."Well,that"s b******* the scalextrix I guess". Will be following both of you.
  7. Daym,I'm going to miss those forceps.
  8. Smacks head on table re finished engine. I THOUGHT I was joking. You snowed in over there with time to kill? If I may say in my best English.... "Bloody fabulous old boy"
  9. Stupendous weathering and texture on the forceps! When are you going to finish the engine? (Ducks,runs like hell,and blames Grant)
  10. Its looking fantastic! Who is dad so I can follow both builds?
  11. Continued amazing work Wolf,and ty both you and Grant!
  12. Deep breath,1st ever comment.Nervous observing genius! I have been watching quietly for months,in total awe of what I see from so many of you,unnamed lest I miss some-one.But this Wolf,I find just amazing. Be it the equisite photography,or the standard of work,I know not. It was about time I said something! I will continue to enjoy all of your work,all of you.
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