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  1. Re the Macchi, one day soon. It's a slow process to get it all together as a kit.
  2. Nothing special, just FDM 3D printed up in ABS a slightly curvier piece and cajoled the intake lower lip into place. A little filler a load of sanding and replacement of the front sensors.
  3. No the kit doesn't come with a pilot, I employed a slightly modified "Aerobonus" unit.
  4. Here's a little something I cracked the whip on last week. Basically wheels up OOB with the exception of a new scratch-built intake lip to make it curvier and a resin cockpit set. I loaded up the fuselage with magnets and will fashion a proper display stand at a later date.
  5. it was nice out so I left it out.
  6. I hear'em ! When the mojo's right....
  7. Cheers, it tanked in competition - but excelled in being noticed ! I've got to get the MB326 out there and it's taking longer than anticipated so once that's done and I see how it goes I might change my mind on doing something with the MB339 masters.
  8. Here's one I finished last week. brief build story : https://www.facebook.com/pg/uncleles1/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1687672618018678
  9. I built it on the long held premise that as soon as you scratchbuild something vaguely popular it'll magically appear as a mainstream kit just as the last coat's drying.. So guys.. I'm doing my bit for the greater good !!
  10. Thanks Hubert, re the Winjeel, no not as yet as some serious flaws in my master came to light. The wing root and chord are a couple of mm too thin horizontally and this has ramifications that require a rebuild.
  11. The model was entered as a composite - Revell Mirage III ( front end ) & Revell MiG29 (wings) plus scratchbuilt components... but the manufacturer part of the entry form only shows the major branding. Thanks for calling it superb ! - Les
  12. Wow, you didn't waste any time getting into it ! I recommend using the opaque vacform canopy supplied as a guide to getting the fit right and to act as a sort of mask for the coaming - but you'll work all that out. I'll watch your progress with keen eyes !
  13. ..and kudos to John Holloway for his excellent X-15 !
  14. It's already been said - your health is of paramount importance. Get well soon mate.
  15. That seat's a model unto itself fit for entry in any miscellaneous comp category ! You're certainly going the extra mile with this conversion. Bravo !
  16. Awesome build, I'm watching with great interest. How did you end up tackling the cracking leading edge issue ? Making the leading edge separately was a good suggestion I thought.
  17. Hell of an effort here. I'm watching with interest - keep it up Phil. Les
  18. Nice choice Rob, a man after my own heart ! The biggest hassle for me when I made this many years ago was the rear turret. I spent days combing supermarkets for a suitable product that had a clear cap of appropriate dimensions - I eventually settled on a Norsca brand deodorant that someone in my household could use whilst I nicked the top ! Of course, with the advent of the "build a Lancaster in 1/32" magazine model and the HK product there should be more options out there. I look forward to seeing your rendition of this beastie. more of my interpretation here: https://
  19. Now that's a Sea Venom to be proud of ! Excellent job.
  20. and finally here's my take on an aircraft I enjoyed immensely as mere queer trader.
  21. Moving forward - I tend to build fairly fast and didn't photograph some of the intervening steps so here we are magically with some markings applied The wing tip lights were made by inking a small vacform "bulb" was was encased in clear epoxy and then sanded to shape. Bang seats using some Mk3s I had laying around (thanks Eric Sujecki collection..) and we're pretty much there
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