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  1. Hi guys I started he Tamiya F-16 as an HAF anniversary bird Hope you like it instead of photos https://youtu.be/iLoPwFQAN3E
  2. I was using cotton swabs to apply the compounds I am planing to make a gloss black Draken How do you clean the dry compound that stays in the recesses panel lines?
  3. Thanks matey What retarder did you use? What microfibres as well? Where did you get them?
  4. Amazing work You mention polishing cloth? Which one is it?
  5. Amazing work Will it be possible to write the steps to achieve this finish? I assume you sand after every paint coat? Thank!
  6. thanks guys thasnk Kev....i didnt realised i had the IN PROGRESS opened when i did the post!
  7. Hi guys This is my latest work
  8. Wow great work my friend and tools Where did you get all this small drill bits?
  9. Peter great start What color did you use for the interior?
  10. Nice recovery my friend What color codes did you use?
  11. nic i am gettign a F-5E that has a pilot standing up holdign a helmet its yours if you want him
  12. Cheers Chris Do u want anything extra for the dexals my friend?
  13. thanks to Chris i am about to be the owner of the F-5E Thanks chris the only problem is that it comes with only Aggressors decals. Is this correct Chris? what i need for this job (this is a commission work) is Swiss Airforce Decals. does anyone of you have any spare form other kits? I am willing to pay for them thanks
  14. Zero I am after he full kit not just the nose
  15. Kalimera Jack PM replied.... i will need the whole kit mate!
  16. Hi guys I was wondering if and where can I get a 1/32 F-5E with the shark nose so I can build it as a swiss air force plane? Thank you
  17. preparation of the nose camera bay started by cutting the corresponding arwas using a profile gouge the correct shape of the back balkhead was determind and with a bit of detail added
  18. as you all know the biggest problem with the Revell kit is the cockpit as the back seat is to low down. For that reason i decided to use the Tamiya tub with some resin seats. Also i used the Tamiya intakes as they have the correct shape. The rest of the work i.e. photo camera bay and radar is sratch built Tamiya tub test fit with seats. They are better now
  19. Good morning guys this is my latest work......possible some of you might have seen in Airfix Model World magazine issue 22 Is the conversion of Revell's 1/32 RF-4C to a HAF RF-4E from the ex-luftawaffe banch we got Hope you like it! the kit
  20. my words exactly my friend! nothing to worry if you cannot paint them! the other option u might consider is to make it Block 30 but you will need to add the headrest actuators on the open possition....more tricky!
  21. nice work my friend although as the seat is for a F-16C Block 50 the parachute area and the sides of the head rest should be painted black. Also the seat back and bottm cushion have the sheep skin (although a bit difficult to simulated now) and they are black A lot of people will see but a few will notice that
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