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  1. Can't comment on the pre-built models........haven't even looked at any really. If you can't find any of the kits (I have some extras....hint, hint....nudge, nudge....) and you do go for the pre-built re-build, let us know how it goes!! Jody
  2. Looks spectacular D!!! About to throw some paint on mine myself. Just built it out of the box as a leisurely weekend build. Cut all the wingfold stuff out and glued the wings on. (After slight modification as you have also found out.) Jody
  3. Well, let's see......I have a Storch that I started on when I decided to get into 1/32. Maybe a Vulger Storch is in order. Hmmm.......what would a Vulgarian Storch look like?
  4. A 5thed..ed.ed..here!!!!!!! Jody
  5. Was out shopping at Wallyworld with the wife and daughter the other night, so I decided to stroll over to the.....(ahem ) model section. To my surprise I found a lone 21st Century BF-109. Grabbed it up, bought it, and took it home. Needless to say I am quite impressed with the kit for the price. I sure hope I can get ahold of some of the other kits in the line. Jody
  6. WOW!!!!!! I see a lot of sanding in your future!! Good luck with the re-conversion, can't wait to see the finished product. Jody
  7. At the rate I have been able to get anything done lately due to "real life" getting in the way.....a GB build time of 1 to 2 years would be good. How 'bout a "back to basics" build? Strictly out of the box.....if it didn't come in the box, you can't use it. And paintbrushes only, no airbrushes. (I have several airbrushes but I haven't used them in quite a while.) Jody
  8. Welcome back to the world of model stashing........er, um........building. It seems I have done a bit of model collecting instead of building as well. But I'm well on my way to recovery and have started to actually build some of these things. I am also a helicopter nut and would like to see some of your pictures if possible. As for getting back to modelling....Just jump in and do it!! Don't worry about building to everyone else's satisfaction. Build to please yourself and enjoy the relaxing experience. It is a hobby afterall!!! Jody
  9. Oh......masking the canopy huh? I have an old piece of glass from an old picture frame taped down to my table. I lay out a strip of masking tape on the glass and use a straight edge and knife to cut it down to 1/16 to 1/8 inch strips. I put these small strips next to the frame then fill in the rest with larger pieces. The smaller strips will bend around corners much easier. Then it's just a matter of cutting a square to fill in the window. Make any sense? Jody
  10. Steve, Most importantly!!!!!!!!!! Glad to hear your dad is doing ok!!! The open cockpit Buffalo is looking good! Canopies? I put mine on with elmers white glue and a toothpick. Hopefully, I'll get some pics of my Storch uploaded soon. My first large scale since I was a kid. Jody
  11. WOW!!! Your Hurri seems to be going together fairly quick and quite nice too. Where do you find the time? If I keep seeing stuff like this here, I am never going to post pics of my builds. The shame that would be brought to my family name if I did!! Jody
  12. Just got back from a scavange hunt of a few local Wal-Marts. I found plenty of the prebuilt Corsairs, Stukas, and Me-109's. But no kits anymore. Just a few weeks ago I could have picked up a bunch of kits, but nothing now. Naturally, a few weeks ago the funds were low. Now, my wallet is full. :angry: Jody
  13. I always thought the Buffalo's landing gear was rather odd, but I've never seen it done quite like this. The build is looking good!! Glad you got the gray kinks worked out. Jody
  14. Is that Tomcat 1/12 or 1/32? 1/12 would be HUGE!! My 1/32 stash is quite small right now. Hopefully in the coming months, the wife won't notice the bigger boxes entering the house. Jody
  15. Thanks for the welcomes!! After going through several kits in the stash and getting great advice on the Stuka from several people here on this site,I have decided to let the Stuka sit for a while. What I finally ended up starting on is the Hasegawa Storch. Hopefully some progress pics will be forthcoming. Jody
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