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  1. No worries. Glad someone can use it. Can I assume you're gonna go with the Loran equipped "towel rack" antenae? Jerry
  2. Great start Steve. I built the exact same kit coupla years ago using the Avionics pit. It takes a little tweaking but it's worth it in the end. I wish I used the Aires exhaust though...they look awesome. Here's a link to my build with a few pics. http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=15454 BTW....where did you find a picture of my "Tweet" ? Yes, that's my model and I did scratch build the revetment. Took a little time and a lot of Evergreen stock but was straight foward. Can't wait to see your Phantom come together. Jerry
  3. It's really great to see this one come back. I've also just completed the entire thread. I have this kit and do want to build it but not as a conversion. I'm particularly interested in fitting the BB cockpit to the Revell kit. Looks like a challenge for sure. Your model is truly an inspiration. Awesome work and thank you for sharing your experience. This proves you can get a great looking Tomcat without spending a pile of money. regards, Jerry
  4. This ones looking very good Frank. Lovin the subtle AB work. Great looking model as always!! Jerry
  5. Sweet!! That's a great looking model in everyway. Thanks for sharing. Jerry
  6. I've been out of the loop since last June with some health issues. Chemo sucks!!!! That's all behind me now and am building again. I'm working on 2 Revell Dog Sabres. One shiny and one not so shiny. It's good to be back. Again that's a great looking Zero. Excellent as always. regards....Jerry
  7. Absolutely gorgeous Frank!! Your paint is spot on! especially the chipping on the spinner. LOVE IT!!! Jerry
  8. Lookin' really good Frank! I especially like the plumbing. I wouldn't fret about the CP color. Looks good to me. Jerry
  9. Can we please have the pics restored??
  10. Agreed! that color looks spot on. Can't wait for more. Jerry
  11. Thanks John....the A-37's a little noisy eh? I don't know of a resin gunbay for the kit but Eduard makes a nice PE set. The MDC cockpit is amazing! Jerry
  12. Excellent work on the kit CP. Looks awesome!! Jerry
  13. Gotta little color in the gunbay. I want to close the other side and had to add some shims for a good fit. The ammo bay door need a shim under it to be flush with the wing. oooph!.....those rivets. not real happy with the guns....I may try a different approach. Cheers....Jerry
  14. I've finished painting the gearbays and will add a bit more plumbing later. I've decided to open the gun/ammo bay on one side only. The fit for the closed access panels was not good. Shims were required to get the doors flush with the wing. I've added some photo-etch parts to the exposed gunbay. Cheers.....Jerry
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