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    HK B-17

    I was able to resist the B-25s and the P-61s but I may have to give up four WNW Snipes to get one of these...
  2. LOL - at least you're having a smashing time there! Pass the word to WNW to get models available on their website - I have PayPal at the ready. Have fun...
  3. Thanks, Anthony. A list of what you see would be great, photos (if allowed) even better!
  4. I found Richard Marmo's "How to Build and Modify Resin Model Aircraft Kits" to be a gold mine of information. It is out of print but still available (used) through Amazon. I bough a "used, very good condition" one for about $25.00 and it was worth every penny.The book plus the good advice you get here should ensure a smooth entry into the resin model world.
  5. Having just had some Roden decals disintegrate, I strongly recommend that you overspray them with a gloss coat before wetting.
  6. Bulldog, Demon and floating Flycatcher...excellent!
  7. Each of the two Gamecock kits has decals for two squadrons: 32-05 has no 17 Sqn and No 23 Sqn, 32-06 has No 3 Sqn and No 43 Sq. The original Montex kit (3202) had masks for No 23 Sqn and No 32 Sqn. I guess there are only five in "the set" since No 23 Sqn appears twice. Never fear, we'll get Silver Wings to do the Woodcock at some point in the future.
  8. Only one Gamecock, Ted? You do know that the set is four - six if you can find the original Montex kit... I managed to get all my Bullet parts off their sprues? casting blocks? with repeated light cuts with a sharp blade. Unfortunately I had already assembled engine, cowl and prop/spinner when the corrected engine news came out. It really isn't all that apparent since the spinner covers just about all from the front so the only place the engine is exposed is the bottom of the cowl. I'll build it correctly on my next one.
  9. Just to stir the pot a little - after building a dozen WNW models and with 60+ still in the box I find that there are very few "acceptable" WWI 1/32 injection molded models out there and yes, I include Roden, Academy, Special Hobby and Battle Axe in my opinion (I own some of all.) I will welcome and purchase any WWI subject WNW produces because their models are head and shoulders above the rest in fit, accuracy of outline and bang for my (US) buck. In the cases where a "nose-to-nose" comparison can be made (Roden DH-2 and Sopwith Triplane vs. the WNW versions) there is simply no comparison IMHO. Let me explain a little as to why I feel the way I do. I am 70 years old with not so great eyesight and not so steady hands but with a sixty year old love for WWI aviation and models. I have built hundreds of models of that era over the past six decades in scales from 1:144 to 1:18 in plastic, resin, vacuform and wood from scratch, kits, plans and original creations. At this point in my (modelling) life I will purchase any manufacturer's injection-molded model whose fit, positive part location (keyed pins and sockets), level of detail, variant options, color scheme options (decals), instructions, and overall production values equal or exceed those of WNW. No manufacturer can fill the bill (yet) so I cannot see sending them my modelling dollars. I am well aware that stunning models ("silk purses") can and have been made from less than perfect kits ("sow's ears") but I have not the skill, motivation or time left to undertake such challenges. I will leave those to the more than capable hands of the other members here. But enough of the blah-blah-blah and now... ...back to the original question: RFC/RAF Airco DH-5 Sopwith Dolphin Blackburn Kangaroo Any Armstrong-Whitworth RAF F.E.8 Airco DH-4 and American-built DH-4 France Nieuport 11/12/16/17/21/24/27/28 SPAD 7/12/13 USA Jenny Eberhart SE-5E Thomas Morse S-4 and S-5 Central Powers Early Fokker and Halberstadt bipe fighters Fokker Dr.I (Roden and Encore F.I notwithstanding) Aviatik-Berg D.I Brandenburg Star-strutter Macchi M.5 Albatros/Aviatik/AEG/Roland two-seaters Taube Early Albatros fighters (D.I, D.II, D.III, D.III(OAW) Siemens-Schuckert D.III and D.IV with early/mid/late production options. And the other hundred or so I have missed. Thanks for reading and may your model-building give you as much joy as mine gives me.
  10. Ted - make sure you have the correct parts/instructions for the engine build/installation. See the A2Zee site for info if you purchased your kit before 9 March. There is a note below the block of Vendor's logos on the home page.
  11. The 'F' designation was used on Fokker-built planes that had the BMW (license-built Mercedes) engine. The (Fok) designation is a WNW invention to distinguish Fokker built Mercedes-powered D.VIIs from (OAW) and (Alb)atros-built Mercedes powered machines.
  12. It looks like the release date will be 29 March based on WNW's statement that it will be released at the Omaka Classic Fighters Airshow. I seem to have a faint memory of them doing this with a new model a year or two ago but can't remember when it became available on the website (during or after the airshow.) At least we all have a couple more weeks to save for one or two more...
  13. I agree on the decals. Clear-coating ALL Roden decals is now part of my routine.
  14. You may put me on record as a firm pre-order for at least one Demon (F3H-2 or F3H-2M or F3H-2N.) It will look great with my Cutlass and Skyray.
  15. Brilliant! The diorama accentuates your building skills and make one believe you can feel the heat and grit of the environment. Again, brilliant!
  16. Just received my PT-22/NR-1. It looks great and I guess I'll have to get another one so I can do the "pants on-pants off" variations. Since the Navy trains their pilots to get it firmly on the deck I guess I'll go with the bare metal gear on the NR-1. Thanks, Paul, for another beautiful model...looking forward to the inlines.
  17. Yes, they are active but remember, that's not their full-time activity. I usually receive a reply within 2-3 days.
  18. While the interior is likely to be identical (or nearly so) to the D.I the wings and horizontal tailplane were definitely not. The wings were larger to take into account the weight of the floats and the horizontal tail was enlarged to retain effectiveness with the larger wings. Albatros Publications Mini-Datafile #1 has the W.4 as a subject and contains 1/72 and 1/48 drawings as well as numerous photos (none of the interior.) I recommend this booklet as an essential source of reference for your project.
  19. That's a classic color scheme and a classy build. Your builds are "operating room" clean - maybe I'll get there someday...thanks for the thread and the inspiration!
  20. My only observation regarding a WNW first build is that the D.VIIs are quite unforgiving in the cockpit/engine bay area with regard to fit and location of parts - if everything is positioned correctly and the mating surfaces are free of paint then it's like a Swiss watch.. The Pups, while having more rigging, are a much gentler ride during assembly. Either way I am sure you'll find the build(s) a wonderful experience.
  21. I just love the Snipe! The only thing that could top it would be a Sopwith Dolphin. I do hope WNW extends the post-war theme to some of the stalwarts like the Brisfit and Ninak.
  22. Looks like the early version is available also. WNW accepted my order for two of each (late and early.) Come on, March and the Fokker D,VII F!!
  23. Stunning build of an exquisite kit! I hope mine (still in the box) turns out half as well.
  24. Beautiful model and stunning display. Top notch!
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