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  1. And getting the bits and pieces together for the sidewalls.
  2. Hi all Well finally making some progress on the cockpit! Finally got the under carriage lever made.
  3. Hey there Big Kev Your wing tips lights and canopy look fantastic! I can't help you with the paint problem. Its a bit of a shame, but you will find a way around it! Sorry I can't be of more help. Keep us posted Richard
  4. Allok That is superb!! What a talent to do so much with that kit! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us next! The photography looks the part aswell! Thanks for the inspiration Richard
  5. Hey there RookieLSP That is looking sweet!! You have mastered that photo etch! Thanks for sharing Richard
  6. Hey Scotsman That is one fine looking kit! Great bare metal finish aswell! Thanks for sharing. Richard
  7. Hi there Jean Absolutely stunning work as per usual! Mines still chuggin' along......slowly! Thanks for the inspiration Richard
  8. Hi there Link from LSP home page seems to be working fine now! Thanks Robin for sorting that out. Cheers Richard.
  9. Hi there Has anyone tryed to log onto there web site lately? I'm having a bit of trouble with it! Any else? Richard.
  10. Hello Brian That canopy on the rear fuselage look great! Hope I can do the same in 1/24th scale! Those brass nuts on the undercarriage, where can you get them? Thanks for the inspiration, Richard.
  11. Hey there Kev You are doing a fantastic job on this old bird! Paint job looks fine too! Great to see these old kits getting the treatment. I think if you do a modern release kit next it will turn out a show stoppa! Thanks for sharing, Richard.
  12. Hey Kev Great looking 190 so far! Rescribing is something I'm not looking forward to doing but you sure look like you got the hang of it! The under carriage looks the biz aswell! Great paint scheme you've chosen too! Thanks for sharing Richard
  13. Hey ther Jeff, That is one stunning model you got there! Love the paint job. Thanks for sharing. Richard
  14. Hey there Ango Thanks for your input. The throttle is the kit part. I figured it looked better than what I could scratch build! Starting to build up some steam in the motivation department so hopefully there will be some progress to share with you all soon! Cheers Richard
  15. Hello all Well its been a long time since I posted any updates on my Spitfire. With a little inspiration from Ango this week I finally got some more done! Just putting the final details on the port side of the cockpit. The trottle is only tacked on at this stage. The starboard side isn't to far away from being done either. Hopefully update this week some time! Thanks for looking. Richard
  16. Hi Ango Just been looking through your posts on this kit. You have done an awsome job with the engine and the work with the foil is amazing! I've started to use foil to make bits so I can appreciate the effort! What color did you paint the engine, looks very convincing! Also like the way you fixed the gun throughs. May I borrow the idea? Hope you get the oppertunity to do some more work on her soon! Cheers, Richard.
  17. Hey there Ango Your Spit is looking fantastic! This old kit needs alot of motivation to get thing moving aye! Can't wait to see some paint on her to check out the streessed skin! Have you chosen a color scheme yet? Thanks for sharing, Ineed to get back onto mine! Richard.
  18. Hey there Alessandro, Great start to a great looking project! It's gonna look look good with all the extras your adding to it! Thanks for sharing!
  19. Hi there folks Well its been awhile since I have a chance to do any model. Nice rainy day today so no excuses! Made a good start on the cockpit side walls. Finished the rudder contol and trottle. Also made a punch and die set to make the fastners for the head armour. Hope to get more done soon. Thanks for looking. Richard
  20. Hey there Gunpowder That is looking mighty fine! What colours are you going too paint her? Thanks for sharing Richard
  21. Hey Gunpowder Now you've got three great looking kits on the go! No fair!! I have enuff trouble concentrating on one! Keep us posted Cheers Richard
  22. Hello everyone Thanks Ironwing, Ian and Studly for your input. I think my photography skills (or lack of!) might be the reason things don't look so bad! Jean, thanks for your comments. I was wondering about the seat. I compared it to the Hurricane seat and it is considerably wider. Will be a bit of a tight fit down the sidewalls. Got the seat armour finished. I used .015'' plastic card. Also made the head cushion out of Tamiya epoxy putty. Modified the Warbirds Production control stick. Removed the later type gun switch and replaced it with the older round one. Thats all for now. Cheers Richard
  23. Hey AndyB Looking great so far. Nice touch with the hand hold on the fuselage side! Got an original "blue" Hurri in my stash myself. Be looking forward to your build! Keep us poster Cheers Richard
  24. Hey Mr G Still looking very good! You're right about the fit of the kit! Looks like a winner. Thanks for sharing Richard
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