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  1. Damn, that is some nice stuff right there! Peter, for them oleo's you may want to try this site for those shiny parts. Pure Stainless steel at it's best and sizes to do most everything. https://www.mcmaster.com/hypodermic-tubing
  2. Every F-4 I've seen, and there are a lot of them here at China Lake show this different. I've seen them above, below, and lined up.
  3. Well Peter, glad to know everything is okay. I wondered if the Firefly would keep your attention and if so, could possibly show me another way of getting back on the horse with the kits I've started and stalled with. Can't wait to see your next project of course, I'm sure it will be a dozy as well Happy New Year!!! Larry
  4. Been a while since we had an update... Hope all is well Cheers Larry
  5. My post corrected, thanks for the nudge...
  6. The disparity between the Academy and ZM J-79 intake diameter is what I'm referring to. I just received some intakes from XMM that are really huge compared to the Academy parts that I'm curious about. Should tell me what I'm looking for and maybe others if they care. In other news though: I'm surprised nobody has commented about the rear fuselage contours being represented so wrong.
  7. I will address the inlet diameter soon with some concise measurements at the engine inlet.
  8. Tiss amazing what the mark one eye ball can achieve when it looks... Well done Peter!
  9. Repeated superlatives aside... This build has went on over a year now and the enthusiasm the builder has put forward has been phantastic! I wait like all on this board to see what new thing is interpreted and built! Very informative and beyond many of our perceived ability. I know this is rubbish, as everyone of us could do just this if we wanted to as much as he does! Simply gorgeous is how I look at every stage!
  10. Some GREAT research you are doing to get this right! I was able to crawl into the rear cockpit area of an F-4B using a starrett machinest protractor to see if it was at a 90° angle to the floor. What I measured was 91.5° so, it's so close to 90° its safe to say you are correct! I will do the same thing you are doing to EVERY 1/48th Kit I will build. I have the new 1/48th Academy cockpit about 1/3 done and that rear bulkhead has been replaced with a 90° piece. Nice job doing what you are doing! Larry
  11. Far to long without an update... What beautiful work you are doing on such an exquisite aircraft. Now if Tamiya will give us a Mk XIVc and you tackle THAT!!! Cheers Larry McCarley 21045
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