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Navy Phantoms / Mk84

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Bi guys,


any pics or other evidence out there of Navy F-4s carrying Mk84s, esp during Vietnam? If loaded, they would typically be outboard, correct? 

I‘ve seen AF F-4s with Mk84‘s outboard.





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I'm not 100% certain, but I don't think USN or USMC Phantoms could carry any bombs directly on the pylons- they had to have either a MER or TER installed to hang bombs as the pylons themselves didn't have bomb racks in them.  The MER/TER were hard-mounted to an adapter bolted to the bottom of the pylon.


So, no, since a MER or TER could only carry stores that used 14" lug spacing, they could not put a MK-84 there since those bombs have a 30" lug spacing.

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