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The New H-S Ultra 2024: Nice Airbrush!!


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Hey Guys,


I had my doubts when I first read about the re-engineered Harder-Steenbeck Ultra but I'm now a believer:)


I just used it to shoot a Gloss coat on my 1/48th Halberd/Tamiya XP-47H conversion and Great Googly Moogly!

The new 0.45mm Tip performs beautifully providing a very smooth finish, indeed.


This is a very nice brush with some innovative engineering useful for beginner and experten alike.

Moreover, the Ultra takes all the same nozzle tips as does the high-end H-S Infinity starting with the Super-Fine 0.15mm tip to the fire-hose 0.60mm tip.

It comes out of the box with the newly engineered 0.45mm Medium Tip with V2 needle.

From MPS, each Ultra comes with Free Shipping and a Free Mini Mix Kit.


$110.00 delivered.

You read that correctly:)


You can see pics and order here:



Thanks and best!


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