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1/32 B-17

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I was all set and ready to buy this beast. Even she’ll out for some aftermarket. 

Well,the last time I looked at them was quite a bit ago. Close to,or just over @$200,if I’m recalling it Correctly. 

Imagine my surprise when I went online to do my part to keep the economy going,and it looked like it was ALL on my shoulders. 

Just south of $400!!!!!  WTF?  

Im ok with the prices of some kits,but I feel that this price is criminal. Criminal!  I paid $175 for my B-24D!  

So,I have an old Monogram kit of my beloved B-17,and have just purchased all I could in aftermarket to build a master piece for well under $200. 

Happy Modeling to all!  

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For some reason I’m thinking they were always around $300, but could be found on sale for $250-$275.  I could be wrong though. Just glad I got mine when I did. 

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