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  1. I was all set and ready to buy this beast. Even she’ll out for some aftermarket. Well,the last time I looked at them was quite a bit ago. Close to,or just over @$200,if I’m recalling it Correctly. Imagine my surprise when I went online to do my part to keep the economy going,and it looked like it was ALL on my shoulders. Just south of $400!!!!! WTF? Im ok with the prices of some kits,but I feel that this price is criminal. Criminal! I paid $175 for my B-24D! So,I have an old Monogram kit of my beloved B-17,and have just purchased all I could in aftermarket to build a master piece for well under $200. Happy Modeling to all!
  2. Why hasn’t any company made a really nice kit of this iconic Aircraft? I think Glenco and Monogram were the only ones I know of. And those are VERY basic,like the Spirit of St.Louis.
  3. I’m not sure where to put this,but is there anyone who can make custom decals? I live in Michigan,near Selfridge ANG base and want to do a “Through the Ages” diorama of sorts. There’s lots of “Six Pack” decals for the F-106 and F-16’s,but none for the “Red Devils” or the C-130’s or CH-47’s. My current project Is a T-33 in “Red Devils”livery. She was at an air show a few years ago and I though it was the SWEETEST look EVER! in either 1/48 or 1/32,or both. thanks! p/s. I’m gonna try and figure out how to post a picture of it.
  4. Do you need the instructions that INCLUDE the photo etch instructions? I have them with the photo etch instructions and would be more than happy to copy them and send them to you. the Encore version included the P/E. There were 7 of them at my local brick and mortar at $57 each. Why I didn’t buy them all,I have no idea! I would have built a FLEET of Olympia’s in EVERY livery.
  5. As long as I’m at it,I’ll be wanting kits that our main stream providers feel they can make money on. Popular and well known aircraft. F-111. AT-37 Tweet. F-101 Voodoo. Both variants. F-102 F-106 These’ll keep me busy for a bit!
  6. I’m not hear very often,I have a busy life,so,how about a 1/32 SU-34? That would be awesome! The price of the 1:48’s available is stupid ridiculous! One was $475! Yikes! My bad if it’s already been discussed.
  7. I’m attempting my first WWI aircraft since the old Revell Spad way back in the ‘60’s. the rigging diagram is atrocious to say the least! the Rigging is a major focal point of this Iconic fighter,so glossing over the diagram pretty much wants me to sell it! I build from scratch 16/17th century sailing ships,so I no stranger to rigging,but there is A LOT of info out there for it. Where can I go for in depth info including the use of turn buckles. Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks! Finishing up a model of the Missouri. I'm cleaning up flash and planning the build of TSM Mig-17. I'm really inspired by the work done here,mine won't be nearly as good. But I love building.
  9. Hers somethingI stumbled across while doing research for a Mig-15 build I'm planning. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/products/planes/mig15bis/index.php?SHOWALL_1=1 I've had difficulty finding diagrams to wire and plumb my ProfiModel Mig-15 engine. This will complicate my life GREATLY,
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