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1/32 Messerschmitt Me P.1100/1 "Schnell Bomber" - Limited edition resin kit - On sale


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By 1943, the situation on the fronts of the Second World War was developing rapidly. Along with this, technological developments have also intensified. The Me-262 fighter was finally put into service.
And although this aircraft could not give a decisive advantage, in general it became a completely new stage in the development of German aviation.
German aircraft designers, realizing that resources are limited, tried to use the units and assemblies of the Me-262 to create a project of a kind of universal platform for solving various problems.
The family of projects of the Messerschmitt Me p.1099-Me p.1100 series has become just such a platform.
In very close line-ups, a heavy fighter (Me P.1099A), a heavy armed variant (Me P.1099B), a high-speed bomber (Me P.1100), a night fighter (Me P.1099D (Project XVIII/ 84/1)) were conceived and other.
This 1:32 model represents a variant of the high-speed bomber introduced in early 1944 and known as the Messerschmitt Me P.1100 /1.
With an asymmetric cockpit layout, he carried weapons inside the bomb bays and did not have defensive weapons systems.
It was speed that was supposed to be his advantage ...170959027_2810925432500505_1335509893485
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