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Build Video of the GWH SU-27UB

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If you are interested in the Ukrainian SU-27UB in digital camouflage, check this out:




1. Play with mute on, unless you don’t mind the VERY relaxing music;


Cheers, Tom

2. The Quinta Studio set footage starts at 4:14 (it’s awesome).

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3 minutes ago, ssculptor said:

You are correct, the music put me to sleep right away. Is that the "New Age" music? 


I dont know if l like the digital camo that much. For the Vulgarian aircraft l am trying blended patterns. Ssculptor 

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Great video , and the Quinta stuff is a real eye opener 


As fro the music , more ambient I think , to be honest I rather liked it , put it down to playing a LOT of Mike Oldfield over the years 

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