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To place an order please contact me at this email address:




Please include the following information:


  1. The item number and the quantity of each item you would like to order.
  2. The country to which the items will be sent.
  3. The email address you use for Paypal.  An invoice from Paypal will then be sent to you when items are ready to ship, via email.


We will acknowledge receipt of your order request via email.


Upon receipt of payment your order will be shipped to you via USPS First Class Mail.

USPS Priority Mail is available at additional cost - prior approval from customer is required to avoid "sticker shock".

(If postage is deemed excessive by out of U.S. customers and you wish to cancel the order, please notify us at your earliest convenience.)


Shipping to U.S. Addresses:

1 to 5 sets               $6.00  Price Change

6 or more sets       Free


Shipping to non-U.S. address:

We use a flat rate of $17.00 for shipments outside of the U.S.  Price Change


Please Note:

Synthetic Ordnance Works is a one-man operation dealing with labor intensive products. Please have patience when an item is out of stock. It will be refilled as quickly as possible (considering the only fabricator is past his sell-by date.).

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