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Scratchbuilt Bushmaster PMV 4x4

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With the recesses added to the windows, you get a better idea of how little of the interior - especially in the troop compartment - will be visible. The roof hatches will also be closed up. 


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44 minutes ago, Uncarina said:

This is great to see coming together.


Cheers,  Tom

Thanks, Tom. 

More or less completed the upper hull, which means I can’t put off the rework of the front end much longer. 




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Thanks @Out2gtcha, appreciated. Especially having followed your phenomenal work over the years. 

In the spirit of concurrent activity, I dug our some primary research from a 2002 deployment  for some camouflage notes. 



For about three decades, the Australian Army used a hexagonal pattern camouflage with some ‘ambush’ speckling for large fabric coverings. A mate drew & printed the camouflage as 1/16 decals. Thanks Ben!




You can also see the Disruptive Pattern Print (DPP, also colloquially known as DPCU) decals. The hex cam will be used on the spare wheel & mud flap covers, with the DPP being used on the seat covers and any DPP personal equipment that’ll be hung on the outside of the truck. 

On the design front, ongoing fit checks between the components will (hopefully) avoid some of the issues I’ve created/experienced to date. 



The top of the engine bay is now finished. Again. The main effort for the weekend is the rest of the engine bay and the front fairings. 


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Almost done with the trickiest part to date: the front end. A lot of converging angles & intersecting planes, further complicated by the lack of symmetry. 

The semi-cylindrical bulge that accommodates the air filter is visible from the wheel well.



The RHS doesn’t have the diagonal relief cut for the winch fairlead. 


Pretty happy, so far. 


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Finally finished the front of the truck. Ideally, will start printing later this week. 

Here’s a snapshot of current version compared to the first one. More details & better shapes. 


Some alternate views. 







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8 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:

Sweet!  Im sure you might have said already somewhere, but what CAD program are you using to design all this?

Cheers! I’m using Fusion 360 which has a free-for-personal-use version available. 

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