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Azur Ms 406

gustave venelt

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Now that was a hang over, arg, my head still aches and I'll never drink again( :lol: )...I hope every one has had a happy new year!


Thanks guys for the nice words. Again, they are happily recieved and they help keep la morale!


Epinniger: Almost everything is OOB, however many items were modified. The oxgene bottles (they should be bright blue but I though yellow would stand out more) and the radio were scratchbuilt; although the pilots seat mostly hides these parts, with out them one gets a good view of the plastic interior...


I unglued the canopy to avoid damaging it in the rest of the build.

The wings have been "stressed" and riveted; Some detail has been added to the fuselage , as well as the "stresssed - riveted" thing, a few panel lines have been ...ah, engraved? The oil cap has been engraved (is that the right word?) and the oil level window pierced, both on the right side. The canopys exterior lock has also been done on this side.


One of the problems with this kit are the exhaust pipes. They are great looking and fit fine. The thing is that they must be glued in place prior to putting the wing on. They are extremly thin and fragile parts, so I gotta be most carefull not to break them.

On to some pics...



Stressed metal effect....


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Another problem which I made for myself. I was worried I'd mess up the resin radiator part if glued it on too early....I should have glued it on too early! horrible time to get the thing in place...but first had to reshape the opening, which was badly shaped beacause of the poor alignement between the two fuselage halfs.Talk about fun...


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Yep...that kind of fit looks familiar to aany an old tool kit. So how does one proceed GV? Do you add putty and build up the low spots and do you trim the plastic to take off your high spot...or both. How are you going to tackle the wing root issue in order to keep contour and make panel lines match?


Great photos show how much hard work you are doing and will be.


:lol: :lol: Never drinking again :lol:


Cheers Matt

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Well....almost never again :lol:


The pics showing the wing to fuselage joins....I could have gotten them better. Just a bit more sanding and trimming would have been enough....but then the upper wing part would have been WAAAYY out of place . So I thought it would be easier to sand away the step on the "metallic to fabric " part and to just fill in the wing root.

In the 5th and 6th pics, only the fuselage part is not in place; the wing underside is smooth (although there is a canyon between the 2 parts) and will simply require some filling and sanding. The center part "metallic to fabric" piece will need quite a bit of sanding (but this won't change the original shape) and some ......ah, I remember the word, re scribing (I mean it when I said it was a bad hang over!!).

As soon as the upper wing piece is dry I'll post some pics.

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cool and impressive work ...


and all of sudden, I ain't not have that much interest in beginning mine soon ...


Dry fitting did show the troubles you've been encountering, but to that extent ...


Well I've been surviving the I-16, I can handle the Morane ... sure ... yes, I will ... sure !


Now, where's that Trumpeter Sukhoï !?




:lol: :lol:

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