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2020 vision required!

Bobs Buckles

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For 0.4 brass tube with an internal diameter of 0.22. 
Ideal for small scale rigging and control line rigging in 1/32.

Fine elastic will go through once, while light fishing line (as shown) will go through twice. 

Available on my website @ https://www.bobsbuckles.co.uk/order.html

Cheers for looking.


Von Micro Nut! ;) :blink:







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Great stuff Bob, Ive been meaning to pick up some of that super light duty stuff.................Although, I've actually gotten elastic to go through your cut tubes twice Bob!   I just had to dip the end in ultra thin CA to get it to thread through. 

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Hello Brian,

 You may of got the elastic to go through 0.5mm tube twice, but I doubt (unless you're some kind of rigging God) you will double back through 0.4mm tube. I've tried! :blink:

Hence the reason I went with fine fishing line. :yahoo:


Which elastic do you use? 


The Blind Buckle Man :beer:

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Ive managed to get both the fine EZ Line (with a bit more trouble) twice through your .5 tubes as well as the Ushi standard and fine. The EZ Line can be a bit problematic and takes a deft hand for sure.  No way to do it without thin CA first however...............otherwise its like trying to push cooked spaghetti around! 

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