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F-100D Trumpeter - Help with resin needed

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I’ve got the Aires resin and...

Already i need some help :excl:  I’ve seen several builds with the resin wheel wells and they look really sweet. I haven’t found one that describes what it takes to get the wing to close up though :unsure:. Could anyone who’s done this drop a few notes in here about how best to do this? Here’s what i have so far...

can’t be much thinner without going through the resin base


then here’s what they look like sandwiched between the wing halves



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Well I think this is the best it can be. I sanded the wing surface, and trimmed down the sides of the resin bits. Lost a tad of detail but probably not noticeable. I managed to save 2 hydraulic lines along the side wall so those will provide the extent of the detail on the wall. 


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