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Does anybody knows where I could obtain such rods? They are sold for hefty prices by some armor detail companies to replicate vehicle antennas (e.g. in UK and Australia). So, there must be a way to find some with a diameter close to 0.25mm. Any idea? 


Thanks in advance. 



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I know I source my larger carbon tubes (+ 10mm or more) at my local archery shop. They have a full barrel of cut tube extras from making custom arrows and bolts.

I might start by engaging an archery shop to see of maybe they could hook you up with their supplier, or at least know where to find the smaller ones since they have connections for the larger ones.

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On 10/28/2019 at 10:46 PM, fab said:

Hye Thierry!


Did you try this shop in Strasbourg? https://micro-modele.fr/fr/


A good reason to go in vacation there "avec les marchés de Noël" ...(Christmas festivities for non french speakers...https://noel.tourisme-alsace.com/en)





Thanks Fabrice. 


I didn't know that shop. Alas I already had a look at other resellers specialized in remote control models and all of them have the same problem: they don't go down to such small diameters. Here they already offer sizes down to 0.8mm but this stays far too large. I have the feeling such very thin rods are commonly used by somebody else but have yet to identify by whom to find a source. 





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