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Dear friends!

We are delighted to announce the release of our new Axial propeller to complement the Benz Bz.IV engine.
We recommend this propeller and hub set as a suitable replacement for the Wingnut Wings model of the LVG C.VI (32002 options A,D,F,G), and any other aircraft installed with the Benz Bz.IV aeroengine.

The propeller is hand carved from laminated veneers. The scale appearance is accurate in appearance to the original comprising 9 separate layers of maple and pear wood.

The centre hub or “crush plate” is molded in resin and created from 3D CAD models.
The propeller has a diameter of 94.5 mm and matches the size of the kit part. It has a beautiful satin lacquer finish, giving an ultra smooth surface finish, and correctly balanced.
We recommend leaving the propeller as it is although an aged and weathered appearance can be created by airbrushing a light coat of Tamiya clear yellow/ brown mix on top.

To order please visit our site https://properplane.com

Axial for Benz Bz.IV (LVG C.VI)Axial for Benz Bz.IV (LVG C.VI)Axial for Benz Bz.IV (LVG C.VI)

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