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Another stash question

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Southend on the sea. A few pints there for sure waiting on some damn paint to dry on my Boeings in Sothend. Isn't there one of those Big Avro bat wing Vulcan looking thingies taking up space around that airport? Most impressive I do recall. Did that thing do anything besides that James Bond movie, eh? Ha ha. Just joking lads.



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Rwy'n gwybod!


Saesneg yn iaith od.


Yes, English is strange, but sorry, my friend, Welsh is possibly the most goofy language on the planet. And I would love to vivit Wales and learn it, for some dang reason. Maybe I like the challenge.


I'm pretty sure the language was invented while totally "pissed"...and not in the American sense of the word.

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Boy, this has always been tough for me. I have about or slightly over 300 kits.  I have thinned down twice over the years, only to replace them! I'm at that point again it seems, and I'm selling them off little by little on FB's Scale Model Graveyard site. 1/48th stuff mainly. Post office shipping rates really hurts shipping the big stuff. I have three 1/24th kits that I can't sell it seems.


As for having multiples......I love F-4 Phantoms, A-4 Skyhawks, F-14 Tomcats, Mig-21's. Most of these are in 1/48 scale. I don't have any 1/32 Tomcats, just too big! Only have 3 1/32 Phantoms, and E, F, and RF-E. Only 2 A-4's in 1/32. Four Mig-21's in 1/32. The majority of my 1/32 kits are WW II jobs and a smattering of WW I. Most of my entire collection is comprised of 1/48.


Yep, this is plastic insanity! What I have now, it's hard to part with any of it! Like letting go of children! LOL!  I know I'll have to part with more stuff, because I don't have enough days on earth to build them all! And you sure can't take it with ya! Time to get smart and whittle down things.



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My stash is down quite a bit compared to what it was.


I've gotten more particular in what I want and don't just grab the newest and shiniest anymore.


For the smaller scale stuff still in the stash, I figure those will be good for my boys to have a go at. They've shown an interest in models already even though they're only 6 and 4 years old.



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One method I don't recommend is a house fire.  It's very thorough, but not very selective.



  I had one more then 12 years ago. Agreed that there is absolutely no selectivity of what gets burned, water logged, or trashed by the firemen.  Starting literally over from scratch for even life's simplest necessities is no fun. Hobbies took a back seat for quite a while.



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