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What Kind(s) of Paint Are On Your Work Bench?


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I have very little paint, and mix my own colors.  I have a color recipe book that gets me close, then I can fine tune till I'm happy.  Of course specialty paints must be had.


Three Colors of Alclad


Five colors of Testors Model Master enamels


Four colors of Tamiya Enamels


Twelve tubes of acrylic:  The three base colors plus white, black, Silver and some earthy tones


Eight tubes of oil paint:  Again, the base colors plus a couple ochres


Paint cheap, buy more models!

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Tamiya acrylics with X20A thinners. With Winsor & Newton oil paints for wood effects.


That's it. No enamels whatsoever.


I model mostly WWI & inter-war stuff & I find the Tamiya range covers all eventualities. 


I've got around 200 pots of Tamiya acrylics. For me, it works and my little brain is better concentrating on just the one brand and getting to know what works, what doesn't and what to mix to get what.


I waste my money on kits & tools, rather than paint.

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Hi Guys,


I've got everything somewhere, in a box, drawer or a shelf or table. My usual Go To is Gunze, preferably the lacquer but their acrylics are pretty good too. Their thinners are awesome and I've got a couple of their airbrushes, the Ps-290 fan spray and the new arrival is the PS-770 which is just marvellous. I know we all think the Mr names are a bit lame but whatever the product Gunze does, works as described after the Mr.


Then there's a pile of Tamiya, Vallejo, AK, Ammo, MIG, Hataka. Then recently MRP, a newish lacquer based paint, super thin, like Gunze with a 70-80% load of thinner.


But the real revelation is the MMP range. Acrylic. Very fine pigments. It's own thinner, it's own additive and it really does work. Reliable. Dependable. Adaptable. Easy to use. Easy to clean. Fantastic coverage, fantastic finish. And the range of aircraft colours is tantalisingly close. I've sprayed it through H&S Infinity, Krome and Ps-770 at 15-18 psi with the standard recommended mix ratios and got super thin lines from all three airbrushes, then gone on to do decent colour coats with the same mix. It's very versatile. No tip drying, no clogging, nothing. I've also pushed it thru some cheap Chinese clones and they worked with it too. I am just so impressed with this range.


For metallics I use Gunze (naturally!), AK Xtreme Metal and the new Vallejo Metallics which act similar to the MMP products when put thru the airbrush.




Bruce Crosby

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Guest Clunkmeister

Hey guys,

I was a firm believer in enamels, mostly MM and Floquil, with some crossover into Tamiya.

Metallics were always Alclad.


 Now, I discovered Gunze, and have pretty much switched over.

Alclad and Gunze interchange for metallics.


I’m going to try some AKAN, I’ve heard good things about it for VVS stuff.


But my big revelation? Mr. Levelling Thinner. LSP_Paul pointed it out to me years ago, and it’s done more to help my results than anything else. Now I tell the same to anyone who’ll listen.

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For special schemes, I would use whatever's in the cupboard, failing that Zero. They are the finest pigmented paints I know. Difficult to buy, alas, as he'll only send them by courier and not the cheapest one at that.  I won't use anything remotely acrylic as I have always had rubbish from them, except Vallajo, which I use on figures as it's normally very matt.  If I need a really flat matt finish I have some Mr.Clear UV Cut flat, the only word of which I understand is flat, but ye Gods does that ever do what t says?  The only matt varnish I've ever had that actually works...and how.

I have a load of old Floquils somewhere too, but rarely paint anything but slot cars and they are done with cellulose, Halfords rattle can or Tamiya cellulose, followed by Akrifan clear gloss, which dries in minutes like glass.

Otherwise, enamels, which I buy from my local car refinisher's shop. HMG is the make I favour. They'll mix small amounts for me as I've shopped there for decades.

All of it goes through a larger compressor/spotting gun combo. If I'm feeling lazy and don't want to drag all the big stuff out I use a small, old compressor and a Paasche Model H. One for colour, one for clear.  Never fails me.



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