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Tamiya F-4E Operation Linebacker - 05/08 - Seamless Intake

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Finally, back to the workbench after completing other projects.....


I started this kit in the same place as the kit instructions....with the intakes.  But, I'm replacing them with seamless resin items from DMold.  This is pretty uncharted territory for me because I've never done any surgery and replacement work before with resin.  But, so far, it's working out OK.  The instructions are a little weak, but that's probably just because I'm inexperienced with this kind of work.  I've included a photo of the instructions here mostly because their website is listed at the bottom left of the page.  I have no idea what the status of this company is; I bought 4 sets of intakes for my Tamiya Phantoms way back when from eBay when they were sold there.  Anyway, here's the instructions:




Lots of surgery to do on the kit part, but the DMold advertises itself as a "drop fit" replacement for the kit, and, really, it is.  I'm going to have to do a little bit of putty and sanding, but that's because I got a little bit careless during surgery.  So, here are a couple of photos which show the kit before and after surgery.  First pre-surgery on the port side:




And, post surgery on the starboard side:




Finally, a photo of the starboard intake in place using a clamp (it's a really lousy clamp and the DMold part actually lines up perfectly).  You can see that the resin replacement parts are really very nice.  I've got a little bit of putty and sanding to do, but, again, that's because I got careless.  I'll be more careful on the other side and see if I can do a better job.





That's it for this update.  Thanks for reading and Happy Modeling!

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Sometimes life throws us some curve balls and the only thing to do is duck and cover...........

Part of this I knew about:  My wife and I are leaving 30 August for 5 weeks in Europe....a long planned trip.

But, suddenly some other family concerns have raised their head and it's very clear to me that my working time at the bench is going to suffer a lot probably until after the first of the year.

I'll be able to model some, but I think I may work on some projects less demanding than this full up build of the F-4E.  It can even be fiddly bits as long as I am able to take it slow and ignore it for weeks if I have to.

So, I'm going to pull the plug on myself in the group build. I don't want to be a non-contributing member in a situation like this.

Happy Modeling to everyone, and I'll be in touch as I am able.

Best Regards,

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No worries here! The main thing is that you are not building because you feel pressured to do so but rather enjoy your builds and find them worthwhile.


Cheers, Tom

True, true.Life does come first, especially when family is part of it. We'll be here for you and just keep in touch buddy.....Harv  :popcorn:

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