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F-8E Crusader VMF(AW)-312: Done 2014.11.1 Summary Posted

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I know this is considerably after the fact, but I recently finished work on some software I've been working on that helps me track my modeling projects.  At the completion of each of my projects, I can now generate a graphical project summary showing the colors I used and the items that were used in the completed project.  It's intended to serve as a reference when I plan or work on similar projects, but I will start posting as I think it may be of some interest.  I'll also post a brief summary of the aftermarket items (I always appreciate it when others do this, so I'll do the same).


Here is the project summary for this build:




Aires Engine: Engine burner can is for an early F-8 Crusader, but still looks great

Aires wheel bays: Excellent detail, front bay needed shimming

Aires cockpit: Fit great, dash for French Crusader and was modified, seat appropriate for F-8J and not used

AMS Resin seat: Appropriate seat for F-8E, fit and looks fantastic.

AMS Resin Mk 82 Snakeyes: Awesome set, special order 

G-Facter landing gear: The best landing gear set for the Crusader, nose gear tiny bit too tall but used as-is anyway.  Works great with Aires bays.

Rhino intake: Modified to avoid major fit issue

Eduard detail sets: Used almost entire wing section set; used about half of exterior set.

Contacte Resin details: No longer in production, acquired direct order from personal contact (pure luck)

Victory decals: Excellent set, no issues; has markings to do additional aircraft

Master Model pitot:  Amazing piece

Trumpeter F-8E:  Good kit; nose not bulged; wing slats not really designed to be lowered; only two Zuni launchers





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Thank you Maru- you're making me blush :)


Their is lots of tremendous talent on this forum, and I always very much appreciate it when some of that wisdom and experience is shared- it has helped me a great deal, and I enjoy the hobby more because of it.  It is my sincerest hope that I'm able to return the favor in whatever small way.


Thanks again my friend!



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