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Bandai 1/24 Mustang - Maybe F-51D...

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Well, guess what was sitting on my porch today....



Yup, this lil' gem of a kit that I purchased from a gent who was doing an estate sale on our traders board.  The price was more than right, and I just love this kit after finally seeing it.  Of course, I am sure it has its dimension and shape issues, but I dont care...."I love it, I love it, I love it!!" (as I do a Molly Shannon high kick in my chair!!!)  In my hands is a kit with the closest to the real thing engine cowling.....YAY






The rivit detail is similar to the 1/32 Tomy offering, and just a shame to cover up.   And the fabric surfaces are great.  

Oh and all of the masking tape was courtesy of its previous owner, who knows how long ago he gazed upon the same mockup....judging by the tape...its been a while.  :)




Here is one of the sprues, it has a fabulous intake duct, engine cradle, and the split rims should look great when assembled.  Oh and no ugly back wall of the wheel wells, it has a real main spar.  And with a bit of cardstock similar to my Airfix build and I think the wheel wells will look pretty decent.  We will see....




I and the instruction booklet (which will either teach me to build from pictures or learn Japanese) has some fantastic color illustrations!!




Now..... I have no idea what to do with this kit....  My next build was to be the Reno Racer the Bardahl Special, but that plane was probably fairly slicked up and as I stated, I just dont want to cover up the skin detail on this model.  


So my thinking as of now is some research on F-51Ds and figure out what condition the wings, fuselage and cockpits were after a depot rebuild either for the Korean Conflict or for Air National Guard service. (Although the fabric elevators are probably a no-no for that time frame).  It also has moulded in rocket mounts that I hope to keep and uses.  Any advice or info on that would be a huge contribution and greatly appreciated.


Never enough 'Stangs!!!!!


Stay tuned...





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Well here I go again...


.....those either love or hate 3 letters.....






A make believe Alaskan Air Command Mustang, Circ. 1950ish, with Red-tail Hawk nose art to tie in the Alaskan high-visibility paint scheme.

Much of this made easy, do to the decals that were included in the Airfix P-51D/K-RF-51D boxing.  Tail number and code still a bit up in the air, but you get the idea.




The plan is just a simple light coat of silver, just to give the plane an overall finish.  Followed by Model Master Flourescent Red that has been based with white, for all the red areas.  Black will be gloss except for a matte glare panel.  And I am planning on the cockpit done in all black, and I may put this in flight with wing tanks and a load of missles.



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You know I absolutely ADORE these beauties and I am so pleased you are building One...yayyyy. :wub:


Awesome start... WIF is still exciting..


Keep us updated....



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Nice to see somebody doing this ole lady justice….. I remember drooling over those Bandai kits way way back…. never had one ….. couldn't afford it!


Keep us posted



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:D Thanks guys!!! :D


I am actually getting really excited about this one.  I really think the paint will stand out big time.  


I also just had another thought on this one...I am thinking the pilot was probably suited up a bit differently by 1950 (ie: a true helmet and goggles, maybe some over-water gear), and I am also wondering what color a flight suit may have been for Alaskan duties (maybe orange?)....so I may be having to modify my "stick actuator" a bit.


And I also found a different Alaskan Air Command shield/logo that looks a bit more vintage, so I will change that up.


:blush: Kinda too bad that I am certain a Russian MIG would make short work of my Stang, but I can always dream right????? :blush:


I am wondering how old this kit is, I could find no copyright date or anything that would give me a clue.


Yes, MARU5137, it (the roadster) still gets my attention on occasion, but 30 degrees out in the garage as of late just holds no appeal to me..... :blink:

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Just purchased this and a Zero for $40 bucks and have tried to find a build of it.

Looks like good timing on my part, sure looks good in the box.


Watching with interest



Nice score...


Well so far, as I said I love this kit.  I see it somewhat in the same vain as the 1/32 Revellstang.  It has the potential to really ramp up the build with a bunch of scratch built detail.  The basics are there.  I also think it may give the opportunity for a quick and dirty build using half the parts in the box, and still have a good looking model from arms length.  I am quite tempted to do this with this build as its more about the paint scheme to me than anything.  So I am kinda on the fence in regards to that.  I am contemplating replacing the prop with a cuffed prop from an Airfix kit, as the Bandai prop has a really nice hub assembly that may come in handy someday for a diarama.  The cockpit is nice, but certainly a bit lacking in detail.  The oil cooler and its internal exhaust ductwork is a complete no-show and the exhaust door is hinged incorrectly....but nothing that cant be fixed with some card stock and patience.  I am also foreseeing the possibility a gaping hole where any semblance of main landing gear wheel wells would be....to the tune of possibly even worse than the Airfix kit.  But to me the basic shape, the engine cowling and decent dihedral I think will make this an eye pleasing kit when done.....IMHO.  


So I will press on with assembling the engine and painting the cockpit and interior of the fuselage, and make the final decision on gear up or gear down, and how carried away I want to get with the gun bays and the oil cooler area..


I have also glued up the pilot, in preparation for some modifications to make him look more appropriate for 1950.

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Looks like my earlier fears are confirmed. Youre simply mad...you know...in a very likable kind of way. :)


Cant wait to see what you do with this one. BTW, you can get prop blade and tire replacements for your Mustangs from Grey Matter.


Stop reading...get to work...





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Louie, good to see you launching this exciting project, I really like the box art of this kit. :piliot:   

Edited by Maurice

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Thanks a bunch Harv & MARU!!!!  And, thank you as well, Maurice, yes, I agree the box art on this kit is probably worthy of a frame and hung on the wall.  Seems the same artist did the artwork on the BF109 and Zero kits too.


...and Geoff, seems you are one of those folks that one hopes is never on thier "jury of peers", and at the same time hopes they are..... :rofl:



"mad yet likable".....I will take that as a compliment :thumbsup:


Well I have been chipping away at a few somewhat mindless things while I decide what direction to go as far as some of the more unseen elements of this build.


I am nearly certain of the in-flight display, and I am envisioning almost a desktop type of final outcome.  So with that in mind I am leaning towards no gunbay, gear bay, and engine bay work at all.  I think I will find a set of Airfix exhaust shields and stacks and just dummy them up in the holes of the cowling.  I wil probably concentrate some extra detailing in the cockpit area, and I have found a few good pictures of the 5" High Velocity Aircraft Rockets to help with the painting of them.  I also think I will spend at least a little bit of time with the oil cooler exhaust ducting.  Almost build it just for........

.....the fun of it!


Here is the prop, after looking at a few pics of 50s military prop aircraft, I noticed the props were begining to be left natural.  So thats what I did, of course the back side is 37038 black.




My pilot is also in progress.  I reshaped his helmet and added some squadron putty in the hopes of creating the look of goggles and oxygen mask.




Been fun so far....you know, in a mad kinda way :whistle:

Edited by xmh53wrench

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