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Airfix 1/24 FW 190 A/F

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Well here we go... the first post of what will be a six month build.

I purchased the Airfix 1/24th scale FW 190 A/F for £40.

The kit was first moulded in 1981 and was reviewed in Scale Models.

It’s interesting to read the comments, praising features such as movable undercarriage and control surfaces when it’s these that stop the kit from being a true replica.

A later review in Scale Aircraft Modelling gives an account of what needs to be done to bring the kit up to 1996 standards.

We’re in 2009 so there’s yet more to do!

I’ve spent another £18 on metal and plastic tubing and strip to add details with as the spares box is light on 1/24th items.

Another £15 will be spent on etch pre-painted seat belts and decal swastikas, which are missing from the kit sheet.

The box art is quite lame, giving a ‘soft’ look the aircraft. This softness carries through to some of the kits parts!

Decals are nice and in register.

The first job is the cockpit. I’ll post some in progress pics soon.


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Godspeed! I don't think I would have the stamina to get past the cockpit and the wheelwells, but I'll follow your build to the bitter end!





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After 2 hours work, I have a straight cockpit. The base plate is not square at the front firewall, pushing this part 2mm forward.

After reading Rick’s posts and the kit reviews I have I know that the length of this assembly is critical.

I’ve decided to complete this kit with panels open, as one might see in the field.

Getting this thing together will be hard enough without making extra work for me!

Other details added at this stage are map pocket on right lower side and I’ve cut the slot for the


On the seat I’ve added the lip of the base tub as the kit item is a flat plate. Milliput pad is drying now.

Rudder pedals have been thinned and slots opened.

I now have to do some measuring. The whole tub looks to mount too far forward and too low.

Comparing it to a pair of Tamiya and Dragon 1/48 kits I have.

Back to the internet for confirmation!

This is going to be fun fun fun! :lol: :angry: :D



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A tip regarding trying to accurize the Airfix '190, the mid-fuselage and cockpit area are made over-wide to facilitate the opening canopy and removable pilot figure, so any efforts might be better in trying to make it look detailed, but bag real accuracy, unless you are prepared for major chopping. I'm doing an accuracy build, with an eye towards a correction set, but it takes substaintial butchery from the firewall to the fin tip to get it right.

And why do that if a Trumpeter '190A is coming?

Two reasons, the first is that if the Trumepter kit has anything in common with the previous '190D kit, so much of the kit will require so much work to correct, that the Airfix kit would almost be a better starting point.

The second point is that, regardless as to how bad a new Trump kit may be, there are tons of old Airfix/MPC/Heller releases of the old kit available and it can still be built up pretty well.

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all very true...

the way I see it, is why bother detailing a kit that does not look right in shape?

My plan is to carry out surgery on the fuse, dump all the 70's gimicks and add some detail.

Then paint it up well, I hope :huh:

I'll work to the motto "if it looks right, it's right enough!"

Then sit back and say "I made that" :)

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4 Hours in.

My nice straight cockpit needed cutting in two.

As it was the cockpit would be 18 scale inches too far forward but the firewall only 6.

The solution was too separate them and put a spacer panel in. This means that the joystick is now in the right place, as is the seat.

By removing the kit mounting guides and adding my own the firewall lines up with the spent shell chutes in the lower wing.

The engine and prop will also be further back so it should sit right in the cowls.

Time will tell. :rolleyes:

I’ve also thinned the rear fuse, using MAP plans to provide the correct width.

The seat now has a Milliput cushion.

Next... detail and paint the cockpit! :wub:



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looking good :blink: i see that you have a reference photo from the Fw 190 in USAF Museum in Ohio. whatever you do dont paint the rudderpedals and the stick white..this was done some years ago by some volunteers at the museum and its wrong..terrible wrong..they ruined the whole cockpit by painting over all original schilds and decals..and used a post it machine with terrible plasticstrips to remake the mint original schilds and decals they had painted over..in the back of the fuselage they sprayed the whole interior with USAF yellow and green without removing a single item..wires..radio and all was sprayed over..i think NASM ( that owns this Fw ) will be pretty mad when they see all the terrible things they did with this lovely bird in ohio..

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Hi Ju 88A1

thanks for the info.. It's hard to know whats what! :blink:

I've found this link here

do you know a site that shows the 'correct' cockpit colours?

I'm only applying the base greys so it's not too late to change :blink:

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the correct cockpitcolour should be rlm 66 ( same as in Ju 88 )

blackgrey :lol:

looking forward to see more on this build :lol:


here is a picture of the Fw 190 F8 in washington. thatone has a correct colour


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here is a cockpitpicture from the A3 under restoration..also correct cockpitcolour. i have no idea why the guys at USAF Museum painted those parts white.. but its as wrong as it can be..


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thanks for the info.

the colours I've used look to be same.

I'll post a pic when paint's complete. :lol:

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Here are some pics of my painted cockpit. The colour is a mix of Tamiya greys.

Details picked out in enamels.

Not sure if leather seat pad was red but it adds a bit of colour!

Rudder pedal straps have been added from Reheat etch .

Only problem is... the firewall does not fit the fuselage. :P

I think I’m going to separate it from the cockpit floor, add a plastic card one. Then fit the cockpit and firewall/gun deck as two assemblies. This will allow me to fill the gaps without damaging the cockpit.

A bit like the Eduard’s 1/48th kit.


Talking of Eduard, I think I’ll use their instrument bezels if I build another of these. Airfix have made a good effort but detail is soft.

This only came to light when I dry brushed them.

I’ve started cleaning up the engine parts and working out how to do that wheel bay!

That’s it for now ;)







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While waiting for yet more paint on the cockpit to dry I was looking through the colour plates in the Ospray FW 190 Aces of the Western Front.

There’s an illustration of the Hermann Graf A5 that I’m building ;)

It shows a modification to the lower cowl bulge :o

They claim the cooling duct is modified due a two stage supercharger being fitted, looking a bit like that fitted to the A3/ U7 (below)

I’ve read elsewhere that Hermann Gaff was posted to a unit (Stab/JG 50) tasked with challenging the high and fast RAF Mosquitoes so this would make sense.

However, the A3/U7 only carried 2 x MG151.


1) What did Graf’s A5 cowl look like?

2) What did the superchager look like? (the cowls will be open on my kit!)

2) Did it only carry the two MG151?


If anyone can help, I’d be grateful! ;)


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Still detailing the cockpit... ho hum.. still loads of parts in the box.

Just starting to wonder why I started, :P then found this... :(


FW 190A WarBird

Off to cut some plastic. ;)

Post soon.

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