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Hasegawa Stuka G-2


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Evening All.

After the fun I had with the Lizzie, decided to go for a out the box build, plus some seatbelts, of this Stuka thats being loitering about in my stash for the last few months.


Heres some shots of the cockpit and panel that I started on last week.






Still got to make some belts for both the seats

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Heres both the side walls, and already my plan for a out the box build starts to go out the window.


The sidewalls looked a little bare, so started to add some wiring harnesses.




and instead of using the supplied decal for the instrument panel, I punched out the dials and fastened them in individually.



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Since the last two posts, I have added a bit more detail to the sidewalls and also added a code transmitter and Iff transceiver above the radios.






hope you folks like it, more to come.


Cheers B)

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Very nice start Martyn! I really like the added electronic gear above the radios!


Thanks Alan B)


Since the last post, I have made up the seatbelts from masking tape and etched buckles, and finished of the wiring harness

on both sides of the cockpit walls.






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Found some old ammo belts in my spares stash, and with a bit of messing about

managed to fit them from the ammo boxes to the gun mount.


Cockpit tub glued up ready for fitting.








Please excuse my lousy photo skills, one day I will work out how to get the right lighting. B)


Cheers all !!

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This build is starting to slow down now, kids are out of school for summer holidays,


Wife has decided our kitchen needs decorating :lol: (Why?? in the middle of summer)


And last but not least, starting a new job next week.


Anyhow, cockpit tub glued into fuselage half and then fuselage's glued together. Nose halfs glued together and fitted to fuselage.




Wing sections made up, and no matter what I did I was left with a big gap between the centre section and both the left and right wing :lol:

In the end resorted to filling the gap with scrap plasticard and sanding down flush.




and it seems to have come out ok.


Cheers all.

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Evening all, being away for a bit but the Stuka build has slowly progressed.


There has being quite a bit done since my last post, so I will just add the photos of what has

so far being done.


Fuselage joined together, and basic paint applied. Used the supplied templates from the

Hasegawa kit, what a simple but brilliant idea :lol:





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Closer view of the office,




Prop spinner, with painted spiral (Thanks to Radu for his 'how to' )




I tried the decals supplied for the canopy, but could not get them to work, so after a few choice

mutterings went back to the good old masking tape.



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And finally for now, I have drilled out the blast tubes on the gun, and for the shell ejection

port I made up a couple of ejector shields from some scrap brass packing.




More to come later folks :lol:



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