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Found 5 results

  1. Here's a Revell He-162 almost straight out of the box Cutting the ejection ports. Untitled by Bruce Crosby, on Flickr Boxed in ports inside the fuselage half Untitled by Bruce Crosby, on Flickr Finished port Untitled by Bruce Crosby, on Flickr Painting the cockpit interior. Colours all Mission Models Untitled by Bruce Crosby, on Flickr IP with the kit decal Untitled by Bruce Crosby, on Flickr The other side Untitled by Bruce Crosby, on Flickr Seat assembled and painted with Eduard etched coloured steel belts Untitled by Bruce Crosby, on Flickr Regards, Bruce Crosby
  2. Seeing all the good work here on the Revell Mustangs and having got my research pretty much together it is time to start on Lou IV, in the Blue/Green scheme uncovered by Dana Bell. I know some folks here don't see it, but I do so that's good enough for me. Thanks to Dana for sharing his hi-res scan with me (this is a low-res version) so I can try and gauge colors (along with the research others have done on the possible sources of the blue paint). I have both kit and aftermarket decals for the Lou IV but pretty much going OOB, (I figure the color scheme alone will be enough to distract people) and do have the Barracuda resin wheel and tire set. As usual I did the dish soap bath - here are all the sprues (except the clear ones) laid out to dry. At least one pair of the flaps have the injection depression running the length as many people here have found. The other pair does not seem to have the depression but we'll see once I get a better look at them. As usual as well, I primer the parts on the sprues - this also helped to see any of the injection problems that have been reported. White Vallejo primer for most services, Vallejo Gloss Black for where the majority of the paint will be silver. It is a really nice gloss primer and the white went down exceptionally smoothly as well. None of the details seem to be obscured. The main gear doors definitely are showing the injection problems that have been noted: This will not be a quick build as I have two weeks of business travel this month, sandwiched around our Model Classic show on the 21st. But hope to make some progress on the cockpit this month. Stay tuned! Chris
  3. "How a husband fades when his wife appears." Curt Goetz Hello friends, she means well to me - and I got the Revell Bristol Beaufighter Mk. IF from Revell by my beloved honey as a unexpected present. Prioritseing everything new... So I decided without hesitation to surf through the www and I really found a nice colour scheme reducing the giant size of the kit a bit I hope: its copied from the backsite of a 1/144 kit: What are your tips, hints and tricks for her? I've never dealt with the "doubleB" I played a bit with MSpaint - so it possible to do something like this to the kit? Updating to Mk V with a quadrogun turret - but keeping the engines rotray? - they look so nice Or giving the viewer a bigger opening looking into the kit? Or can I add a torpedo and a gunner opening to the Mk.IF, too? To the camouflage scheme: I found this Picture of a Czech Lib LV343 at Beaulieu in July-43 with this nice "waves" between grey/green and white - is this allowed to add to a B²? I saw a Wellington Mk.VIII in later Coastal Command colours, showing the ASV Mk.II radar antennas on the side and top of the rear fuselage. And I like this - but have there been some addid into a B² ?? This because I am not shure if I want to built a "Torpedo Attacker" or some "Electronic Warefare" - both are so intresting - the colouring of the tin-fish on the one hand and the intesting look of the antannas.
  4. Hi time to put this one on the display shelf so here is my RFI pictures First – Bit used :- True Details Resin cockpit Apart from the minor problems with the seat this was very good and didn't need any adjustment to fit. Just lots of dry fitting to check as you go. Flightpath PE I found this industrial thick and a real pain to cut! Didn't use all of it just some bits, jet pipe, main wheel wells and the flaps being the major bits. I couldn't get the flaps to fit at all which was very annoying, as it took me ages to make them and I did like their looks! The instructions are very vague and IMHO not very clear at all but the main wheel wells look pretty good! Wouldn't bother with the Flightpath cockpit bits, as the True Details Cockpit is so much easier to deal with and will give you better detail for far less pain. Masters Pitot Tube This looks very nice and is a step up from the kit part. The only thing was mine had a very slight bend in it! But I managed to get it pretty straight, not perfect but it will do for me! As know one has noticed unless I point to it. Main coloures are all Humbrols new UK paints with some other parts painted in my first adventure into Alclad. All finished off with my depleting supply of MM Semi and Matt varnish. The kit is okay, had some fit issues (some coursed by me) but some of it could have been designed better by Revel which would have made the construction a lot easier and give a better finish – The build can been seen HERE. Right from the off, when I bought this kit I wanted to do something different to RAF Green and Gray as I have quite a few kits to come in these colours – so I needed some verity! Doing the research I had come across some references to the Rhodesian Hunters and their uses. So as these, in the beginning, carried no national markings I thought it would be a challenge to try and make a convincing looking surface without any roundels which IMO is when the model starts to get a real look and gives the surface some interest. I also found obscure references to both Sidewinders and a ‘home made reconnaissance pod' made from a wing fuel tank. I tried to find some more info on these but couldn't find any. So went with making it up from some educated guesses. So anyway enough of lets get to the pictures!!!!! I wasn't sure if I could pull off the camera pod so from the outset I made the pylons so that I could swap around the ordnance – So first with the SNEB Pods Then swapped out for the small wing tank and camera pod. Now with the cover of the cameras Did a lot of work in the wheel wells - Flighpath and Scratched A shot off all the bottom bits Okay - got some more to poat so back in a mo Taff -
  5. HI everyone, I want to show you one of my recent works Revell's He-162 Salamander, this is a very nice kit and I got many positive moments when I built one. To build the model I used resin detail set from Aries, also to make the engine more realistic I added some different wires, PE nuts and bolts and decals of aluminium sheets plants logos. I didn't want to make the model too dirty, because its war career was not very long. P.S. hope you'll enjoy it
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