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Found 5 results

  1. I still canĀ“t leave the early jets/Korean war aera, just so many interesting subjects. i have done an F-80, F-84, F3D, Mig-15, Yak-23, Mig-9, F4U, panther and skyraider, still wanting an F-51, but i am waiting for the release of a later revell kit.... but something is missing, the jet most people think of first when they think of the Korean war i have the Kinetic kit with Harolds nose, gunpanel, pit and wheels. just ordered the CMK airbrake (i know its for the Hasegawa kit, but it includes the amunition compartment door/crew step that seems to be open on every other Sabre pic)
  2. Despite saying I wouldn't buy any more 1:48 - too many LSPs I want to do - I did succumb to an Academy F-86 when a fellow club member was having a small sale at a recent meeting. And I can't resist a Sabre, so started it almost immediately. I used a Quickboost seat and Eagle Strike decals, otherwise it's OOB, and it was quite a quick build just to get something finished. The upper surface camo was airbrushed freehand. So here it is: Sabre F4, 71 (Eagle) Sqn RAF, RAF Wildenrath, 1955. Thanks for looking.
  3. I thought I'd pull this out of the stash for the GB. I was thinking about an Argentine aircraft, but on further investigation they didn't carry the slatted F40 wing. I might do a Columbian aircraft or failing to find those decals, just standard Luftwaffe. Armament will consist of two sidewinders and it looks like two 1000lbers.
  4. Well I will first say that this was my first kitty hawk kit after I heard a lot of good things about them, so after more than a few issues (for me anyway) on this one, I shall reserve judgement on the Kitty Hawk brand of kits. Ignoring the kit issues, this was my first modern Luftwaffe aircraft ever, so it was a nice change from the 'norm'. Built straight from the box, except a few cables added in the cockpit to liven it up a little. I haven't had a great deal of time to get the photos I wanted, so I will add a few more later......well enjoy (hopefully) and all comments welcome. Thanks for looking, any comments and questions welcome
  5. Here is my current project, the F-86F-30 from Italeri. I live about 45 minutes away from where the aircraft on the box art is kept. I have been watching it fly and sit in the Valiant Air Command Museum for quite a few years. After the annual airshow this spring, I decided I needed to build a version of it. This won't be a completely accurate version of this F-86, but it will be representative of it. I haven't decided if I am going to make the markings as the plane is now, or when it actually flew with the Skyblazers. I picked the kit up a couple of months ago and have slowly been working on it. The only aftermarket that I am adding is a set of Harold's resin wheels and HGW seatbelts. I know the kit has some inaccuracies, but I am going to live with them and hopefully get a kit built! I didn't get any pictures until just recently, so some of my work is undocumented. I started by closing in the back of the gun ports and re-drilling them, trying to make them a little more accurate. I am not going to have the gun bays open and the gun ports will have the plugs in them. Next I worked on getting rid of the seam on the intake and exhaust. I also thinned down the back of the exhaust to make it look more scale. I don't want to use the intake and exhaust covers unless it really doesn't look right after I get them painted. For the cockpit, I used some sheet styrene and styrene rod to add some details. I didn't go crazy, just a few that I noticed in pictures. I did the same thing with the seat, just added a few details with sheet and rod. to be continued. . .
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