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Found 7 results

  1. Evening all With the waters now settled on my 1/32nd Sunderland build, I thought it about time to start another big vacform... well, to be exact, continue with a long stalled project from a few years ago. I started this Tigger (ex ID Models) vac of the Short Stirling about 5 or 6 years ago and ran out steam, and it had been consigned to the loft since I boxed it up and got distracted with something else. A conversation a few months ago with @Cees Broere about the Stirling led him to offer me his also-stalled project with the promise that I'd continue his excellent start and get it finished - an offer I grabbed with both hands considering the excellent start he's made to the cockpit interior which is my least favourite part of building models such as these. I was in the Netherlands with the family last week, to I popped in to see him and picked the beast up - thanks again, Cees! I've since been for a rummage in the loft and dug my kit out, and now combining the two means I'm confident that I can finally get the job done. So here's where we're at... This is how far Cees had got with his fuselage: And how far I'd got with mine, which as you can see is not very: Cees is a wonderfully talented modeller and scratch-builder and has made some beautiful progress with the cockpit area - a great base for me to continue working on: Here are the wings I'd started a few years back - at the time I decided to open up the wing and reveal some of the interior detail. I like to think I've improved my scratch-building skills since then so instead I'll use the wings from Cees' kit and start again: That's a lot of plastic! Here are the other parts that include the engine nacelles, stabs and fin, etc - pretty basic stuff but perfectly workable: Cees has kindly given me a supply of Bristol Hercules engines as well as various HK Lancaster turret parts which will come in very useful and reduce the amount of scratch-building needed in the future: So... with both my earlier work and Cees' more recent efforts, I certainly have something Stirling shaped which is a great start (or point to continue from) for this project so I'm ready to dive back in! The plan is to do a late MkIII variant with open bomb bays and a full bomb-load - squadron and specific aircraft yet to be decided. I'm really not looking forward to tackling the landing gear, but that's a problem for another day. Updates are likely to sporadic as the new school term starts imminently but I'll do my best to keep those interested updated on my progress. All the best, Tom
  2. Evening all, I took advantage of my time away from the classroom last week and finally finished this two-and-a-bit year project: Tigger Models' (the old ID Models' vac kit) of the Short Sunderland in 1/32nd scale. This has been a really rewarding project, and despite a setback when I knocked the completed fuselage with its interior off the table, making a rather messy contact with the kitchen floor, it's been great fun and relatively straightforward - despite its size. Kits like this come as a blank canvass for the builder to work his/her magic - 'bumps in plastic' is quite apt, but the shapes are reasonably accurate if not a bit primitive (picture borrowed from Tigger's webpage): The kit provides a the correct hull shape for a MkI or MkII, but with some mods the more adventurous builder could easily convert it to a MkIII/V, etc. All panel lines and surface details need to be added and the parts are devoid of any real detail, but the plastic is lovely to work with and scribes/sands beautifully. Due to the size of the parts, home-made interior bulkheads are needed, and any visible parts of the interior need to be made from scratch: Strong wing spars are also essential to keep the structure of the model sound - thick plastic card spars were made and added: The flightdeck interior, bomb room and nose section were all made from scratch and detailed with some aftermarket seatbelts: All the aerials were made from sprue and thin wire - markings were mix of home-made masks and decals: The engines were made from spare HK Models' B-17 cylinders coupled with Revell Beaufighter parts to make a reasonable representation of the Bristol Pegasus. The early-style exhausts were made from Evergreen tube bent slowly over the toaster! Landing lights were home made from some of my daughter's diamante play/craft jewellery (for the lights) and the covers were clear acetate once again heated over the toaster. Rigging for the floats came for EasyLine and reminded me why I'll never build a biplane! The kit's transparencies were used throughout - all turret interiors were scratch built. Beaching gear was also made from scratch with a friend helping out with some 3D printed wheels: Bomb racks were again made from scratch with some rather lovely depth charges coming from Tim Perry - thanks, Tim! I used Xtracolor enamels throughout the build - 6 tins were used in total! I don't like to go too mad with weathering on my models so kept it relatively clean - however you can't build a Sunderland without the distinctive water marks on the hull: A bit of exhaust staining and some fading with post-shading completed the upper surfaces: And for some generic pictures: I'm often asked how big a 1/32nd Sunderland is. I'm sorry to inflict my ugly mug on you but you can see that it is a massive model with yours truly holding it! My model represents a Sunderland MkII of 201 Squadron during 1942 in the lovely temperate sea scheme. Painting white gives me nightmares (especially something of this size) so I took the easier option. W4001 (ZM-V) was only on strength between February to October 1942, before hitting an underwater rock and being written off, thankfully with no loss of life. Thanks for those who took an interest along the way - I'm off for a long lay down in a darkened room to contemplate the next project! Best wishes to all, Tom
  3. Well I’ve got a lot going right now however when an opportunity presents itself you’ve gotta pounce on it Ironically I had just started following Dave Culp’s vac form WIP’s when one of the guys at our Cincinnati club volunteered to start teaching how to build a vacuform model. So I’ve got my F-84F out of the box from Tigger Models and have followed along in the 1st 2 classes. There’s alot to this so I don’t expect to be fast. I’d also like to make a real beauty out of her so not going to rush anything. One note that came out of class 1 was kinda standard but way more entailed with a vac, getting all your pieces and extras collected for the build. Geez, i need a cockpit, jet intake and exhaust, wheels wells, wheels, the list goes on. My 1st big score turns out to be a care package from our very own Harold at AMS Resin! He had a cockpit and some main wheels, misc parts, and some drawings he’d started on that he graciously sent my way. Thanks bud! let’s kick it off with the parts. Exciting stuff here i know This will be my 7th Thunderbirds aircraft. Only this and the F-105 to do. I need to figure out if it was NMF or silver paint. If anyone has any insight drop me a note in here. My next task is locating another F-84G for parts. Looks like the wheel wells will work perfect and the engine and possibly the jet intake could be modified to work as well. I posted a looking-for add so if you’ve got anything let me know on this as well. Chris
  4. on reqeust some pics off the B-58 This is what you get im not going to discuss on how acurate this one is for me it looks like a B-58 so im happy and it will be a lot off fun I placed a few parts on the cutting mat and thats size A3 so you get a idee about the size still a lot off resaerch to do before i start this one buti have another vac to try first Mark
  5. I have been after something big (32nd scale) to get into, I lost interest in the Hudson when I cut to much out, the scratch built Savage has progressed and I just keep looking at it, and I don't own too much 1/32nd stuff so the Tracker is top of the list. As you can see I've already cut it out and added a keel, I have no need to add any bulkheads within that section as John "Tigger" uses nice thick plastic, so it's quite rigid now. I will of course add bulkheads for the cockpit and rear of the keel.. Not sure on scheme, I'm just going to concentrate on getting the main areas built for now. I'm very lucky to be able to take my models into work until further notice, so at the moment I'm progressing very nicely on a Combat Models Martin Mars, and now this. This is todays work and it's some size! It's next to a Kinetic 48th kit that I'm going to use for reference. Apologies for the poor photos, I'm up at 5am and not got time to get all my stuff out... Piccys.
  6. Well I heard about the fellow youve been dancin with All over the neighbourhood So why didnt you ask me baby? Didnt you think I could? Well I know that the boogaloo is outta sight But to shake a leisure thing tonight Would it happen to me and you baby? I wanna show you how to do it right... Do it right. uh huh. do it right. do it right, do it right, do it right, Do it right! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! [chorus] Twist it! shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it baby! Here we go loop di loo! Shake it out baby! Here we go loop di lie! Bend over, let me see you shake your tail feather (bis) Come on, let me see you shake your tail feather (bis) So - talking of Tail Feathers... Tail fins have been primed with Halfords grey plastic primer and laid over a blown up scale drawing from priginal Lockheed plans. Dimensions cross checked and shape corroberated against photo's. The moulded fins are too short - luckily by about the thicknes of the tailplane. You can see the fin being split in two where it will go either side of the tailplane - along with the cut-out rudders. Here's one half after surgery. A lot of cleaning up and re-shaping will be needed... Here's the tailplane - smoothed - shaped/corrected - and under multiple coats of primer... Have fun... Iain
  7. Hello and good day to you all. At first, for all the large scale plane lovers happy newyear. After i saw the build of Ian his Early Warning Star i tought:"Wow, this is big and this is SUPER". So i order a Connie at Tigermodels. Almost a year now it was parked on a shelf in my hobbyroom. I think it is time to make a little start now. The idea is to build a EC-121R Batcat. A Connie that flew during the Vietnam war. The plane flew as a relay aircraft over the Ho Chi Minh Trail. A lot of sensors were dropped on the trail. The sensors send its signal to the Batcat. They pass the signal true to a base. This was a small part of operation Igloo White. My Batcat will be the famous Da Nang Glider. Plane number 67-21487. This plane had it's four prop's feathterd during the flight. The plane made a emergency landing on Da Nang airbase. So here are some pics. A Batcat over the trail http:// A pic. in one of the many books i have about the Connie http:// The body finaly on the workbench http:// The main body filled with foam. http:// So this is it for now.
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