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Found 6 results

  1. Thanks to everyone who posted in my thread asking for advice regarding ordnance on US aircraft in RAF service, specifically Thunderbolts in Burma. So I thought that the least I could do by way of a "thank you" was to post a WIP. Here's the kit: And here are the bits: I'll be adding a set of RAF bombs per the advice in due course. The nondescript square top right is my sheet of home-cut masks, I thought the cuts wouldn't show, but it deserves to be there. And I decided to start with a bit of "creative destruction" on the panel to fit the Yahu one. I've only just started here. It seems a shame somehow, but I had already bought the Yahu panel. If I do a second one I may not bother, I'll see what I can do with the kit panel. That's it for now, more in due course.
  2. Admin/Moderators, please move to correct area if this isn't appropriate place. I’m really wondering if I need to clear out some of my stash of older kits. I know most the old Revell 1/32 kits date from the 60s and have been reissued several times AND by and large been eclipsed by far better kits. The only one I’m not sure about is the Revell Hurricane Mk I. IIRC, the molds were modified to produce the cannon equipped version Mk II. Is that right? I have fond memories of building the Corsair, P-40, P-47, Typhoon, Spitfire Mk I, Wildcat, Stuka and Zero and maybe others…and may even build the P-40 as a lark as I remember it being a decent looking model…despite being an E in AVG markings. What about the SBDs? Former Matchbox IIRC. Neither opened, but expect them to be of the same era and lacking as badly as the P-47 and P-51B. Same with the P-38J kit. Having the Trumpeter, I doubt I’ll build one and don’t need two. On the old Hasegawa and Hasegawa/Minicraft kits, they are largely of the early seventies. Are the old M-109E and Fw190s decent kits? I’m not much of a German a/c builder, though thinking these might be good projects to learn on. While improvements over the Revell kits, are they reasonable accurate or do they have major shape/fit issues? I think the 109G14 is a much later and better kit. Is that true? I found a 2002 date on it versus 60/70s on the others. How does the Zero compare to the Revell? What about the Oscar? These were is sealed clear poly bags I didn’t want to open so hard to compare. I certainly have a surplus of Hasegawa P-51Ds and will be shedding some of them. im working my way through Scalemates looking at various boxing’s and original tool dates. At the moment, nothing is for sale or trade, but some soon will be once I get educated a bit more. I acquired many of these from a good friend who was a retired USAF F-106/F-15 pilot and retired FedEx Captain. He died in a small plane crash a couple of years ago and his wife gave me all his kits which accounts for me having multiples. Nothing is up for sale or trade at the moment. I will list it here first when I decide what I'm doing with which kit and gauge if there is any market for these or if postage will be more than they are worth. I am hanging on to my new Hasegawa P-47s (3). I would appreciate your feedback. H-278 and 04781 H-296 and 04722 Both 04711 4749 and H-280 H-283 and H-279 H-295 and H282 (two) H-217 JS-060 and JS-073 JS-070 and JS-060 JS-086 x2 and (not shown 1086 x3) Both JS-060:400 JS-073 and ST18:4200
  3. Hi, i decided to show my new project which is older version of Thunderbolt. I will add Eduard etch for cockpit and cut out a panel on side to show guts behind engine. Trumpeter provided many interior goods so it's really a shame not to present them. Painting will be Pied Paper or Passionate Patsy, unfortunately Kagero done decals only for Bubbletop Patsy, so i have artwork only, without serial number on tail (problem) or code on side (smaller problem). Does anybody have photo of Razorback Patsy with 3 downed planes? I have seen model with that but have only photos where plane is without them. Seat is for P-400 Special Hobby but seems legit for P-47. I will need to repait it.
  4. I bought this kit few years ago, before Eduard made their Limited Edition P-47 set, but i lost my appetite for this big fish . Now i have new airbrush from Gunze so it was a good time to check how it works. I used these additions for P-47: - Eduard resin wheels, - interior PE set, - RB model gun barrels, - Montex masks/decals
  5. Hi, Here is my Trumpeter P-47D. I've started it a few months ago but i've put it aside for a few weeks. It's painted with various alclad, and the national markings are painted, too. The stencils are hobbydecal dry transfers, and the other markings are decals from kitworld (great decals as the film become almost invisible even on NMF). THere is no varnish on it, only a light wash of flory dark dirt (i've also tried to use enamel wash from AK or Mig, but dont do that if you have hobbydecal stencils as they do not survive the enamel thinner experience...) and then a light dusting with Mig pigment. The kit is the trumpeter P-47D with dorsal fin. It is not a bad kit, i've liked this build, even if there is a few small defects. The cockpit is detailed with the eduard PE set, some scratchbuild, HGW belts (or RB? i dont remember) and a resin gunsight from master details. THe wheels are from Barracuda, and they are great ! (but pretty difficult to make the paint stick on them, even with many degreasing operations). The engine cowl flaps are scratchbuilt as the kit part is totally messed up. The exhaust staining is done with some alclad burn metal colors and then with highly thined acrylic chocolate and mat black. Hope you like it ! Here is a link to the WIP thread : http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=49771
  6. I am building the MDC resin 'pit for the Hase' P-47D Bubble Top, and it truly is an amazing piece of model accessory. I can't imagine building the pathetic Hasegawa kit without it, but the instructions are fairly crude Xeroxed photo sheets. As such, I can't figure out where to put the PE crosshairs for the Mk. VIII gunsight. I notice that most photos of these sight do NOT have the crosshairs element. It looks as though the crosshairs are actually along side the tilted glass lens, but I can't be sure.
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