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Found 7 results

  1. My plan is to crank this out by November then start something really big. The Fa330 always interested me as a unique aircraft with an equally unique mission. This was towed by a U-Boat so the pilot could see beyond U-Boat horizon view and report any enemy activity. I also walk by an actual Fa330 a few times a week. Finally there is a lot of rigging and I will use either RB or GasPatch turnbuckles. This will get me feeling comfortable for my WNW build, next on the bench. That's right Kiwi Mike...no typo here. 30 minutes into this buil
  2. If I was looking at doing a BoB mk1 Hurricane with no real subject knowledge, which kit would you recommend: PCM or the Fly kit?. Steve.
  3. Here is my latest build the 1/32 FLY Wessex. I've done this as an 80's bird that I had a few flights around the province back in the day. It's a good kit but lots of PE and the instructions are a bit vague. I added the bullet proof shields on the side of the cockpit and added wiring for the Nightsun lamp. I think it's crying out for the bird nest wiring for the underbelly hook but I chickened out. Ideally it should have the larger 72Sqn emblem on the tail but it's too new a kit yet for AM. I've got to add some EZ line on The starboard antennas but will wait for the Salisbury model show in June
  4. Hello modeller friends, FLY Models caused quite a stir when they released their 1/32 Hurricane in April 2016. By a general consensus on the modelling forums, it's the best Hurricane on the market: accurate shape, good dimensions, adequate surface detail and unbeatable bang for the buck, etc… One question remains: HOW DOES IT BUILD? Strangely there are but a very few WIP's (one on this very forum) on the internet for such a popular model. Furthermore they all stopped still after a few instalments. What happened? Is there a monster glitch out there waiting for the unwary modeller?
  5. Hello Guy's, I'm warming up for my next build, the HPH Cat can't take forever, right? This project is one of my favorite Luftwaffe aircraft, the Arado Ar 234 'Strahlflugzeug' Haven't quite decided on the subject yet, there are several interesting subjects that can be done from this kit... Aftermarket stuff: Got a nice book from Valiant Wings on the Arado, with a lot of details : "The Arado Ar 234 A Detailed Guide To The Luftwaffe's Jet Bomber" Extra decals from Fly Models, the night fighter version. I have also been 'harvesting' the necessary aftermarket part
  6. Fly Hurricane with Montex Masks. Plane flown by Bert Houle - Canadian Ace. Kit is unfortunately not a pleasant experience. I recommend it only to a Hurri fans.
  7. This is my first build over here. I'm building a Fly 1/32 Hurricane MkIIb in Russia during the winter. Here's my reference pic. I have the Miniart refueller kit in 1/35 to add a bit more to the dio and as per the photo. I started with the cockpit framework and encountered a fair bit of seamlines that took quite some effort to clean up. Took about an hour to get to the first stage. PE was added Then the resin seat And a few more bits of PE and we're ready for some paint
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