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Found 13 results

  1. Hi folks, I was trying to keep this a secret and surprise you all haha but a few months back I started work on a 1/32 bf 110 C-6 conversion for the Dragon kits. Here are the profiles for the decal options offering a nice variety of paint schemes. The pod is nearly finished. Anyway I will post as and when I have something to show you all. Thanks for looking, J
  2. Hi everyone I am very happy to announce that my AIMS Bf 110 G-2/R1 conversion for either the Dragon or the Revell C-7 kit is now available (also in 1/48 hehe - sorry for bad language). If interested email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com and tell me where you live so I can calculate shipping, thanks 32P024 £82.00
  3. Happy New Year everyone! Since my B-25s are well over the 25% threshold, I'm going to try this kit. I've got a bit of AM for it but I'm leaning towards a more OOB build. I'll use the belts and brass gun barrels but not sure on the rest yet. Carl
  4. This is my first try at posting a link to a photo (hosted on Imgur.com). Hope it works. I got a little early start on the GB and did some work on the cockpit parts this weekend. I will post photos of that work soon. I am having to use my phone to take the pics because my good camera is on the fritz.
  5. Hi everyone, well still not made a model all year!!!!!! Every time I pick up a model I want to design a product instead!!!! Anyway CLEAR RESIN - its taking a while sorry - so long to de-mould and the person making them for me was away and so less the half the promised quantity materialised. Don't worry you will get a canopy if you paid for one - I won't let you down. In the mean time I got bored with Photo-Etch and wanted to do a decal sheet; as we all know there are not enough Bf 109 decal sheets available (lol) - I wanted to add to the problem with my own little collection which I will also do in 1/72 and 1/48 (sorry for using bad language) Anyway enjoy. Little tweaks to do here and there on the profiles but i am happy on the whole. Please note W Nr on White 7 and also Yellow 9 is fictitious but from the correct block for that factory. And yes I did all the correct dates underneath Muller's victory bars!
  6. I have a wager with some friends that I'll have at least one project finished for the nationals next year in Ohio, and this will be that entry. After attending at least three conventions, I've always wanted to enter, but it just never seems to happen; I intend to change that next year. Obligatory contents shot, (I sort of went nuts with the AM, but at least should now have the ability to make it as "busy" as I see fit).
  7. Hi everyone, lots of discomfort with knee still as I am off the crutches but needs must and thanks everyone for your kind support. Not officially back to work yet as cannot drive to get order to post office or stand long casting etc but I have some news.... Before my op I took delivery of some samples of my vacuform bf 110 G rear canopy design in a slightly thicker vac material - 1mm- 0.7mm from bottom of sill to ceiling; the idea being to investigate the possibility of a tall (45mm) thin part being able to be cast in clear resin. Feeling a bit better a few days ago I cut one whole section out of the vac box as well as cannibalizing another vac for the crew hatch only. These were mounted and a mould made and then cast with normal resin with good results. Feedback from the guys that do my clear resin parts is that it should work but will be very fragile due to being so thin. Any thicker is just not an option for good scale modelling and so no attempt has been made to add interior framing detail to the master so that there is nothing to hinder de-moulding such fragile clear parts. I will be sending the parts off in the post asap and will let you know results. These- if successful will be available for sale to those who have purchased my conversions already and will be included in future sales as follows - each kit will have 1x vac, 1x full clear resin part, 1x clear resin hatch so there is as much choice as possible. Obviously I do not have a price yet. Anyway I will let you know as and when, Best wishes John
  8. Bf 110 D Dackelbauch and Bf 110 E Trop $40.00 each. Bf 109s were $20.00 but appear to have sold out. P-51K $20.00 https://dragonusaonline.com/Search.aspx?status=Best-Deals&scales=1-32
  9. Hi Everyone, Ok so in the next few weeks the first 82 Bf 110 customers 'should' have their collective 100 AIMS conversion sets (conversion not upgrade Andy ok haha) and as it has been suggested why not have a group build? Well I have never taken part in a group build in my life so a nice way to start with something I created myself. As the donor kit is expensive making the whole deal expensive this is not something to be rushed and so I think the end of the build needs to be one year from now. I am also wondering if it is possible on LSP to have a winner? I would obviously not be allegeable. I would like to offer a prize to the model that is voted/scored the highest - the only proviso being there are at least 5 finished models to pick from. If a vote/ score is not something that can be arranged no problems we just have a normal group build. I will be making Bf 110 G-2 2N+EN with the gun pack and rockets - why because I can't decide what G-4 to do haha.
  10. Hi everyone, I am now also offering a 'basic' Bf 110 early F set, no decals, PE or Vac just the resin needed to make an early verion before the late F changed the rear canopy section to MG 81Z configuration. This set is perfect if you have bought the F/G-2 full set from me to make one of the G-2s as you then have the decals to make S2+DA of St. G. 77 or indeed the Romanian Nighfighter plus a G-2 £28.00 Postage per set £6.00 Europe, £8.00 everywhere else Please include full address in Paypal notebox when ordering. Payment is sent to email address aimsmodels1@gmail.com
  11. Hi everyone, a few years back I read lots of messages about a new 1/32 Bf 110 conversion and so I put off doing it myself. As nothing seems to have happened I am going to start work on it as soon as my Ju 88 P-1 is finished. I have never yet failed to make good on a product I say I will do and although there is always a first time I do not anticipate this being so. I am not looking for pre-orders or anything or even a show of hands as I gleaned from the earlier posts that enough people wanted one but be warned the kit is expensive already never mind adding a comprehensive conversion to the price. Those of you who know me know I keep my mark-up to the minimum and I will try my best to continue in this vein but it has to be worth the time I pour into it. Not sure what to do about photos - sad that I have lost all my old posts and can not afford to pay for a photobucket subscription - shame this site does not allow you to upload direct from your PC like FB. Any suggestions? best wishes as ever ex pastor John haha
  12. Have you ever been looking through a book, or perhaps surfing the net and come across a photo(s) of an airplane that just grab you and make you say to yourself, "I MUST build that!"? Well, this is exactly what happened to me with this build. Earlier this year, I was searching around the web for photos of a suitable scheme for the Dragon 1/32 scale Bf 110C-7 kit that was in my stash. My intentions were to build a day-fighter with this earlier variant of the type, saving a nightfighter scheme for a possible 110G-4 kit/conversion. However, when I found this one photo, everything changed. I knew instantly that this was "the one". After a bit of research, it was determined that this was actually a Bf 110D of NJG 3, based at Schleswig, most likely in 1941. Being that this is the only known photo of this particular aircraft, which is not the best quality and doesn't show much for markings, it was a bit of a challenge to come up with the rest. However, that also leaves a little more room for artistic license, which I certainly applied, but tried to keep it on a realistic level, based on references and photographs of other Bf 110s. The camouflage was based on the typical RLM 65/71/02 scheme, but with additional splinter added to the top in RLM 70 and, for the night intruder role, the undersurfaces being painted black. Being that I had the C kit and was trying to model a D, there were some parts that needed to be swapped and a fellow board member was gracious enough to help me out with that. Beyond that, here are some of the other additions and modifications that I made to the kit: *Eduard "Zoom" set for the cockpit *HGW seatbelts *Quickboost exhaust pipes *Eagle Cals decals (only used some of the stencils) *The "Nachtjager" squadron shields were kindly donated by another fellow member and, aside from the few maintenance stencils, were the only decals used. All other markings were painted *Montex Masks (used for most of the primary markings, as well as the inside and outside canopy masks) and a few of my own masks to cover what was not included, or wouldn't work, from the Montex set. *Aber machined brass barrel set for the Bf 110 *Added the pneumatic lines to the belly MG/FF cannon tray from wire *Various wiring/plumbing in the pilot's area of the cockpit *Details from the Zoom set and some wire on the Revi reflector sight *Grab handles and release lever added to the canopy from wire/plastic scrap *Cut the leading edge slats from the wing (not separate in the kit) and modified them to the deployed position *Removed canvas shroud form the rear gun and made a new shroud frame from scratch with wire/plastic *Made the release cable along the fuselage for the life raft from fishing line and the eyelets that it runs through from wire *Brake lines added from wire *Antenna from E-Z Line *Modified the prop blades slightly and added aluminum tubing to the center of the prop hub The Dragon 110 kit is pretty well known by now, as it's been around for several years and many other great modelers here have built it (and I'm thankful for all their help along the way!). The kit itself is actually excellent. The amount of detail, the engineering and the fit are all top notch. The only issues I had with it (which were few and minor), were likely all self-inflicted. The biggest downfall of the kit is actually the instructions, which leave out a lot, or are just plain wrong in some spots and color call-outs are pretty much non-existent. However, corrections and additions are easily found on the web, from those who have built it. This was a great help and is probably the only thing that allowed me to finish this kit, start to finish, in about 21 days. I have to thank everyone who helped me out with this project, from all the parts/materials assistance, the research (especially Fernando Estanislau for contributing to the initial research thread!) and the encouragement and constructive comments along the way. The WIP thread for this build can be found here: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=59192 On to the pics. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed building this one! John MORE TO COME....
  13. Does G-Factor make gear for the Bf 110C? I've looked on the web, but can't even find a direct site for them. Thanks, fellas.
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