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Found 7 results

  1. Greetings fellow modelers: After building a few 1/48 scale kits, I'm back to take a crack at another 1/32 Dora. I've decided on White 12, Wk Nr. 500408 from 5./JG 301. Here's some nice artwork from IBG's new 1/72 release. I tend to gravitate to the Mimetall camo schemes for some reason. I'll be using the Hasegawa ST-19 kit with a number of aftermarket items for the build. The aftermarket goodies include: Aires cockpit upgrade HGW riveting set Eagle cals #32-61 HGW seatbelts Yahu instrument panel One man army stencils Synthetic ordnance works landing gear Quickboost Exhaust Eduard canopy masks Quickboost gun barrels Master metal gun barrels Barracuda wheels Eduard exterior detail set I wanted to use a Henri Daehne spinner and prop kit, but unfortunately Henri has shut down his shop in Germany for good due to the economic situation. I'll have to make do with the kit prop and spinner. Mr. Color lacquers along with Tamiya acrylics will be the main paints used. Here are some photos of the front office, which is now complete. I've also completed the engine plug with some extra plumbing and wiring. Starting on next steps to close up the fuselage. Thanks for looking. Comments and critiques are always welcome.
  2. Hi all! It's been a very long time since I last posted in the forum but have been working on a project following my botched attempt on Trumpeter's MiG-21UM. And I was finally able to complete it this week! I would like to present to you my build of Revell's 1/32nd kit of the Fw 190 F8. This is probably the most challenging project I've done to date due to the number of aftermarket resin sets I added as well as the research I did on the particular aircraft. It was also my first attempt at fully riveting a model. The aftermarket sets I used include Eduard's resin cockpit, engine, fuselage gun bay and propeller, ResKit wheel, HGW fabric seatbelts and a combination of Cutting Edge and EagleCal decals. The Cutting Edge decal set was the one that inspired me to start this project as I found the overpainted fuselage number feature quite attractive. However, the painting instructions were simply wrong. Eventually, I discovered that Montex Masks offer the same scheme with the correct paint guide which I cross-referenced with pictures of the real aircraft I found online. Painting was done almost exclusively with MRP paints and weathering with Abteilung 502 oils and MiG Ammo and AK Interactive pigments. This makes build #2 and most likely the last one for 2021! Hope you like it!
  3. Old build I did at the beginning of 2019.
  4. From the web: Schlachtgeschwader 4 was formed 18.10.43 in Piacenza Italy from Stab/Sch.G. 2. When I purchased the new Revell kit I thought that my model needed to be somehow Italian so, as the Fw 190 was never used by Italians in WW2, I looked for a subject at least linked to Italy and I found that SG4 in 1944 operated from three Italian airports: Piacenza, Viterbo and Airasca and fought actively in the battle for Rome. As mentioned already in a different session of this forum, my goal was to replicate this "White 11" In addition to the Revell kit I used the following integrations: Eduard Brassin cockpit ref. 632056 and bronze undercarriage legs, ref. 632057 Wooden propeller blades and spinner from Eagle Parts Decals, where used, from Eagle Cals Home made masks for insigna. So, here following some pictures of the bird. I hope you like it Cheers Alberto
  5. Folks, Just finished up in time for the new year is the excellent Pacific Coast Models Focke Wulf Fw.190A-3. Although not as smooth to build as the Hasegawa kit that it obviously draws its inspiration from, it's a great limited-run kit to cut your teeth on. This was my first limited run kit, and I look forward to tackling more difficult kits in the future. Kit is finished OOB other than True Details wheels (my resin kit wheels were damaged) and Master Models gun barrels. Kit decals used and finished in RLM 71/02 over 65 using Model Master enamels. Weathered with an acrylic wash, dot filtering using oil pants, chalks pastels, and enamel paint chipping. All comments and criticism, as always, is welcome. Thanks for stopping by! -Daniel S. Westminster, CO
  6. Well ladies and gents, I'm back once again to start my next project. Some of you may remember my mildly feeble attempt at some humor HERE with a little guessing game about a next build of mine. It didn't work out so well, as I got a bit irked at the fact that I had ordered the EP pit a LONG time ago and it still wasn't in by the time I was ready to start the build, so I moved on. The Eagle Parts cockpit has been here for a while now, and now that Im completely finished with teh XF5U-1, I'm ready to actually commence this build! With all of these 1/32nd B-17 builds going on, I figured they needed something to shoot at them so this is my next project, a Focke Wolf Fw-190 A-8 R/2 “Sturmbachâ€. In this case, I will be building Willi Ungers mount “Yellow 17†of JG 3 based in Barth Germany, as she was in the spring of 1944 – Yellow 17 had the unusual "Krebs-Gerat" mounted center line, replacing the center fuel tank/bomb. The Krebs-Gerat, was a (fairly UN-successful) 21 cm rocket that was carried under the belly of the Fw 190s, and fired rearward, into a bomber stream. This was not very effective, but was unusual since not many Fw 190s carried them. This will all be scratch built. I will be basing the model off of the venerable Hasegawa Fw-190 A-8 kit, with a PLETHORA of AM thrown at this thing, including a Black Dog A-8 R/2 conversion. I REALLY had to do some “between builds cleaning†so spent a few days really going through the man-cave. This included completely revamping my spray booth, by taking it completely apart, cleaning it (and the man-cave overall) from top to bottom, and replacing the 3 filters, along with the work-top screen I use. The took quite a while, but the spray booth has not been SO clean in years – Ready to go for some painting action! I couldn't stand having such a clean bench, so lets get started! First up, the proverbial opening shot I personally like to show that gives you an overall idea of what all I will be starting with. First up, is the basis for the whole build, the 1/32nd Hasegawa Fw 190 A-8 – Next up, an overall shot of the quite substantial pile of AM I have accumulated for this build – This includes but is not limited to: - Eagle Parts amazing late Fw 190 A-8 cockpit - Master Models Mk 108 brass canon barrels - G-Factor white brass gear - Black Dog Models A-8 R/2 Sturmbach conversion - Custom 40mm brass Werfer tube from LSP Mebo (Thanks again Mikkel!) - Lion Roar 21cm Werfer rocket - Master Details resin tail surfaces - Aires Fw 190 A-8 resin wheel wells - Eagle parts resin Fw 190A tail wheel - MDC resin Fw 190 smooth tread main wheels and ribbed tail wheel - Eagle Parts resin Fw-190 boss, and common prop blades - Eagle Parts resin Mk 108 canon fairings - Eduard color PE interior - Mike Grant late Fw 190 stencils - Montex Masks Fw 190 JG 3 “Yellow 17†paint masks - Quick Boost resin Fw 190 Anton exhausts Finally, the last piece of AM I have for this build is one of the coolest IMHO. I decided to display the Fw 190 in a vignette type setting, so I purchased a base to non-permanently display it on. I picked up the Just Plane Stuff 1/32nd Luftwaffe plank hard stand – MORE…………………………….
  7. Building a D9 in 1/32 was always pretty high on my list, but somehow I never did. I was talking about it with a friend of mine, who told me: "I've got one in my stock, why don't you have a go?". So I did. (Thanks François!) So, here she is, almost straight out of the box: I chose a rather unknown aircraft: "White 68" of JG2. This specific D9 has a handpainted white number 68 on both sides of the rudder and the typical JG2 yellow-white-yellow bands on the fuselage. I kept the weathering as realistic as possible. These aircraft didn't fly too much, but the poor conditions of the airstrips and shelters needed to be shown. This kit is really a dream to build. Fit is nearly perfect, I don't think I used any putty except for the tiny sinkmarks in the propellor blades. I went easy and realistic on the weathering. No metal shining through the wingroots, just some primer and dirty bootprints. The underside of this D9 was interesting with dark grey at the front and RLM 76 on the aft part of the wings + the simplified crosses. This photo also shows the weathering of the propellor blades. I painted these brown with a brush, put tiny bits of maskol on it and sprayed them dark green. After removing the maskol, it looks like the wood of the blades can be seen... So, that's it for another late war bird in my collection. I hope you like how she turned out. Thanks for watching! Nic
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