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  1. Does this new Meteor sheet have kill marks for "Halestorm"? H.W.
  2. Yeah, I wish that Paul would do an F3 too, for us WWII types. H.W.
  3. I finally got my kit last week. I can't really say if the wait was worth it or not. At my age, time becomes quite valuable. I've been working on it ever since I got it and I am enjoying it very much. The fit and finish of all of thr parts used to make up the foreward fuselage are beautifolly cast and the fit of all of the parts needed to make up the cockpit, the foreward nose landing gear wheelwell, and the ammunition bay all combine to make up this assembly. This also includes the nose weight that is included in the kit. You really need to go over the instructions that Paul provides and pay attention to the details!!! One of the easiest things to miss is to install the cannon muzzles as a first step right after all of the parts are cleaned. I have to say that the foreward fuselage assembly is just a beautifully made model in it's own right. I have gone further and mated it to the fuselage, and installed the short engine cowlings and rear fuselage and tail assembly. The wings are now installed and I am filling seams, priming and so forth.I'll be needing those "Halestorm" decals soon. so please let us know Paul. Hey!! Anyone else working on theirs?? Come on guys, give us some feedback. Need to hear from you too. Regards, Howard Weaver
  4. Yes, me too. I am only interested in thre Korean war RAAF F8 Halestorm. It's the one I have been waiting for, and now the markings for it are on the second sheet. Can't wait !!! H.W.
  5. How do we go about aquiring this second sheet?? H.W.
  6. Hello everyone, does anyone have an address where I can get replacement parts for my Hong Kong Models B-17G? My piece K31, the port side cheek piece was not cast completely and has the lower 1/3 of the piece missing. This is something that I can't scratch build (at least with my limited capabilities). Can someone please help me out. I have tried E-mailing them at info@hk-models.com with no reply. I hope I wont have to make a super large diorama of a crashed B-17 out of it. I don't know where I would put that either. Thanks, H. Weaver AKA oldegeezer.
  7. I am interested in possibly making a JBD for my F-14 Tomcat display, but I havent a clue as to the real measurements of one of the things. Can anyone with experence with these things offer any help? Thanks. oldegeezer.
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