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  1. Hi, great work! Do you have any pics of the Flightpath upgrade set? And where can I get it? Regards Mike
  2. Great work, Marek. And thank you very much for your help! I don´t forget it... Best regards Mike
  3. The oxygen box.I can´t believe it. It looks like my real one... Great work! Mike
  4. Hi Menelaos, I love her! Your paint-job looks really good. Mike
  5. Don´t worry, 104-friends, perhaps there are some resin-cockpit-parts available in a few month´s... Mike
  6. Hi Nick, are these panels in 1/18, too? They are great. If yes, please tell me, where I can get them. Mike
  7. Hi Menelaos, what do you make? A german or a greek one? The black radome looks like a greek TF, but I hope, it will be the Luftwaffe 28+13 or 28+31... Mike
  8. Hi 104-Friends, in May/June there is a new 104-release in 1/18 (Luftwaffe, old camouflage). www.warbirdmodelle.de Mike
  9. Hi Menelaos, the seat´s are self made and you can have two of them, but first I have to order some new resin. Please note, they are not well detailed and you have much work to do... Greetings Mike
  10. I try to do the same job like menelaos, but it is a long way...
  11. Hi Kevin, good work! Since the early eighties the flaps always stand in the take off-position, when the a/c´s are on the ground. You build an early starfighter with C-2-seat, so you must put the flaps in up-positon. One more little mistake (sorry): The upper side of the instrument panel is dark green or black. I`ve never seen them in grey by german starfighters. Greetings Mike
  12. It look´s great, kevin. You can mount the flaps in two positons. Take off:
  13. Hi Kevin, if you lower the T.E. Flaps, you must lower the leading edge flaps, too. They can´t drive alone. The position lights at the aft section of german 104`s aren´t red or green, they are white and orange. Greetings Mike
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