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  1. Closer view of the extended parachute housing. This gets putty troweled all over it for final shaping.
  2. Whoochee, lah lah! This kit has had me pinned in the 'Cuban head-lock & Pinch of death' for the last few days Alfonso! Doesn't happen often,...but I just had to walk away from it for awhile, until I acquired some different 'special weapons and tactics' to confront it with. Darn kit defies everything I can throw at it and just sits there with a scoffing smile....mocking me. Grrrrrrrr. Time for some voodoo incantations, and my shuffly finger-snapping dance to cast the demons outta the plastic. Bahahaha! I don't know about dedication Phil, more like being onery
  3. Gone about as far as I can with the kit supplied pieces, and it's basically looking somewhat like an F-16A now. Time to start doing some mods to bring things up to snuff and figure out what changes I need to make this look more like I have envisioned. I'm planning on having this knocked out before the end of next week, so it's time to get moving. More pics as things progress! Later, Russ
  4. Geeez, see how the canopy distorts the pilot? Looks like an egg-head from that angle. I'm always mentioning the poor fit and how I have to massage every piece; here's an example. Look at the gap at the trailing edge of the left wing,.....and the corresponding gap at the LEADING edge of the right wing. I'll get it all whupped into shape eventually. I'm even starting to enjoy my little forays into carving on things,.....the plastic on this kit is soft as soap, and whittles/glues nicely.
  5. View from the front. I got the cannon bay covers tweaked just enough to dribble some dissolved putty into the gaps to smooth things out.(well, as much as they're ever going to be anyway)
  6. Wow Harv! You mean this kit actually has something recognizable? Interesting. I'm thinkin this kit also must have an original style wheel hub pattern also, cuz it doesn't match up with the pics I showed. DRAT! Makes sense they'd upgrade though with the escalating weights during it's service life. I understand these Norwegian F-16's originally had the black radome and smaller elevators of the early Block 5(?) batches. I get bleary when I go thru all the batch sequences, and haven't got them straight yet. Think I read where they were built by Fokker in the Neatherl
  7. OMG,.....I want 24 red bombs! There's not a yellow stripe in sight,.....hmmmm may have to acquire another Phantom kit methinks? Yup, think I saw a pic of a Marine F-4 operating out of Da Nang doing short hops 'in-country' around the airbase against viet cong with 'only' 22-500 pdrs. Couldn't fit the other 2 because of interference with the main landing gear, or sumthin like that. Sure wouldn't have much range or maneuverability.....but what a cool load-out. Great pic Phil! Sorry for the interruption Karl; We'll let you get back to building your model now.
  8. Wheehuweee! Lotsa great ideas here for sure! Did some drawing tonight to put my dollar-two-ninety five into the collective think tank going on here. Doesn't require adding a lip, or beveling a bulkhead to conform to a tapering inside shape, or even cutting a fancy bulkhead to fit 4 tubes. Uses the kit rocket motor to hold the bulkhead in place and prevent it from 'pushing thru' while trying to glue it in place. Uses a light to trace around whatever size/shape opening happens to be at the nozzle end of the fuse, and if you don't have any styrene tubing the correct diameter la
  9. Aaaaaaah-haaaah. I got a simple slick way of doing this that doesn't require any special talents or a lot of fancy cutting Kev! One more question; Is the rocket motor already glued inside the fuse? What I'm wondering,... is there a bulkhead in front of it that which wouldn't allow you to shine a light (or held up to a light source) to shine thru the fuse from the cockpit opening aft? It would be easier for me to draw a pic, scan it, then post it here on how to do this. You could even use your original rocket nozzles(but not the bulkhead) if you don't have any styrene tubin
  10. Wheeeeew! Nice project Karl! Bet you're glad to get back into jets?! Always wanted to do a Phantom with as many 500 pound bombs as could be slung under it. Hmmmmm, with multiple ejector racks outboard and under the centerline, and with TER's on the inner pylons that'd be what? 24?! That's a lot of yellow lines.....uhmmm, maybe later.
  11. I needed to get a start on my pilot for fit purposes because the fuse will be zipped up tomorrow. Check out those snazzy side consoles! When I first got this kit, and I built up the ejection seat....I couldn't make heads or tails outta which way most of the parts fit. Some of them might be upside down? dunno. This will probably progress no further than 'squint-scale' from 2 feet away. The canopy is so thick, it makes everything distorted like some kind of 'funhouse mirrors' anyway. I'll make a vain attempt. I'm in 'get er done mode' and just want this model to go awa
  12. Dunno how 'correct' the gear is. There were no locater pins/marks/depressions or nuthin. I just let everything fall where it did and glued it. Used my enlarged plans to get the gear door angles as close to right as I could. I'll be closing up the fuse tomorrow, which will entail a ton of tape and clamps to get everything to warp to shape. Wanted to see if the canopy was even 1/2 way close, and after some creative carving (I don't think it's designed to be closed) got it within putty range. Unfortunately the clear parts weren't in a plastic baggy, so they're scratched and abraded b
  13. Ha ha! I don't know about that Phil, building this kit is like trying to swim in a bog carrying a sack of bricks. I didn't think there was such a thing as an 'unbuildable kit'....but this comes as close as a big wet smack on the cheek to being one. I actually found ONE piece that fit tonight!!! Whoohoo! The front landing gear strut went right into the slot in the nose-gear bay. I was stunned. Wow, great links Graham! This is the only F-16 I've ever built, hence only wanting to spend $45 to get my feet wet. The only references I'm using are the pics I post
  14. Wheeeeew, very nice.....and very interesting! Looking great Perry, looking forward to seeing where you're going to take this build.
  15. Cool Graham! What a thrill watching this go together, keep it going dude!! Looking forward to what you come up with next. Later buddy, Russ
  16. Hey Kevin! Is that rear bulkhead the nozzles attach to recessed, or flush with the aft airframe?
  17. Here's the decal sheet that came with the kit. Came with way more markings than I anticipated. I thought it would just have the red/white/blue prototype stuff. Don't know if this kit justifies an after-market sheet or not, I'll wait and see if these explode on contact with water or not. Hmmmm, I could use a good laugh before I go to bed,....maybe I'll see how the canopy fits tonight? More pics as things 'progress'? Bwhahahahah! Later, Russ
  18. Now that the mounting points for the landing gear are lined up, I decided to mock the gear itself up to see how it was even going to attach at those points. Whuh oh,....maybe not. It's going to take awhile to get all the parts cleaned up for assembly. Here's an example of what most of the parts look like before carving and whittling,.....the others are worse. Got out the sprues with the ordnance and drop tanks 'n such to see what I could do with those.
  19. After much hacking and Cuban slang words,....I got the main landing gear bay lined up to where the wheels would also be level with the ground. Flipped over to show that the intake trunk was twisted and at the wrong angle swooping down into the front scoop. At least my landing gear won't be at some wonky angles now. Damage control on the intake won't be too awful bad, but my trust in how this kit is going to go together is now about as far as I can throw a '57 Chevy.
  20. Whaaaaaaahh! Now THAT'S a pile of cool stuff Graham! Oooooh, I'm green with envy.....didn't even know this kit existed. All I could find available were 'C' models. Are there Norwegian markings on that Nordic Viper' decal sheet? Check out my 'comprehensive' decal sheet that came with this kit at the end of this update. You'll get a good snicker. Thanks for filling in the blanks on the origins of this kit Harv and Karl! 'Knock-off' kit just about describes things perfectly. Interesting mix of raised panel lines and recessed 'detail' had me scratching my noggin.
  21. Gaaaaahhh, You busted me 'richter111'!!! This thread was placed all the way back at the bottom of page 3 in the hopes nobody would see it until I got thru casting all my wheels. Man, I sure wish I had one of those 1/48th kits, they had the killer decal sheet with all the markings. I'm probably going to miss a few as I could only acquire the 1/72nd Hasegawa kit (for $44!!! ) just to use it for a reference for markings. Don't know why i started on the F-16 before this one,.....I thought it'd be 'easier'. Woulda been easier to throw it in the trash! Updates on t
  22. Whooooeee! You lucky, an entire week off?! Glad to hear it dude, everybody needs a break every now and then and just live in their pajamas. That IP looks great; man I can't believe how much resin you're stuffing into this model! Too cool, too cool. Can't wait to see what gets installed next!
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