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  1. Thanks for the input, guys. Checking around, Lifecolor doesn't really exist locally here in OH. Seems to be a UK and Europe paint. I won't spray with lacquers any longer, as I think it has ill effects on the household cats. And where the model bench is, no options to vent outside. I read the MM manual for using their paints, and the local shops also say great things about it, but "you must prime first", and all shops here recommend Tamiya fine primer in the spray bomb. I think I'll run a limited trial of some of these products and see how they perform to determine my "mileage, so to speak. Kev
  2. Well, in summary, Lifecolor is definitely out! I haven't see that on the shelf anywhere. Is that the Revell paint in a cube? Thanks, Kev. Kev
  3. I am returning to the hobby after a 22 year hiatus. Actually, my airbrush had a conflict of interest and we parted ways, but she has returned... the airbrush, that is. She said I used and abused her, made her do all the work. When I was building, 99% of everything I built was painted in Polly S acrylics with some oil washes, Future, and Alcad where needed. Never painted with Model Masters and other paints, as I didn't have good luck with them. Back then, Vallejo was just a start-up. Mr. Color was used by some but was hard to get. Tamiya is Tamiya, but color matching to RAL and FS #'s darn near impossible. Great paint, tho', Well, fast-forward to today. Testors bought Polly S and Polly Scale, and then I hear that they folded. Needless to say, Polly S is no more. Shame, that. Now, we have Tamiya still, and still doesn't really match anything. Mr. Color, Vallejo, and a new kid on the block, Mission Models. Paint has gotten 'spensive! Wow - $$$ I've read comments across the web - "Mr Color is the greatest!" "No, you idiot, Vallejo is the cat's meow!" "Fuggeddaboudit, use MM and you'll never use anything else." I'm so confused. Without the hyperbole, please advise - Mr Color, Vallejo, or Mission Models? What'cha think? I need to know where I should focus my $. Thanks in advance! Kev BTW, I just discovered this might be in the wrong forum...
  4. Hi, Judy, Very nice Wilde Sau! Cheers, Kev
  5. Very nice! I always thought that the Condor was ahead of its time. Pretty airframe. Nice job!
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