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  1. Hi CruZz, i've just stumbled across this whole thread and i'm glad i did. Superb accessories.
  2. You make spectacular figures Norbert. Excellent.
  3. Interesting looking etch John. Do you provide an instruction sheet for positioning the parts?
  4. This looks quite promising. Interesting to see a slightly different approach to the layout of some of the major components like the spine and horizontal tail. What are folk's thoughts on sliding the whole assembly into the tail like that rather than individual tailplanes?
  5. Having been lucky enough to attend Telford on the Saturday I felt it was an enjoyable show. Smaller than in the past for sure but that somehow gave it a friendlier, more cosy atmosphere. The continental contributors were missed as their stands are always chock full of beautiful models but most of the home grown clubs and SIGs had pulled out all of the stops. With fewer visitors it was easier to see everything and chat to folk. The more compact footprint made getting around all of the exhibitors possible, something than can be quite a challenge over one day and four+ halls. The event had a relaxed and happy atmosphere as far as I could tell and I'm glad I could attend. Cheers IPMS. dmp
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