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  1. really nice job, love that version, some refs I had hope they help , cheers!
  2. wow, that's my dream kit in this scale! I grow up watching this airplane flying since it was based in my hometown, if there is a project of releasing it I'm in!!! cheers
  3. Thanks John, you are totally right about it, gotta fix that cheers
  4. did that myself last year, since the dihedral wings in Hasegawa kit are a bit flat I used the Revell which has the right angle, some care is needed but possible, cheers
  5. mu honor Peter, no words for your sublime build not sure if you've seen these also, cheers
  6. thanks Chris, it is the pilot figure from the Hasegawa Stuka kit, only added the oxygen mask and back life vest portion, cheers
  7. thanks gents, glad you like it guys! cheers some paint work on the pilot, still need some harness to be attached , thanks for watching, cheers
  8. Thanks gents for your words! cheers wings are glued, also I increased the dihedral angle which is a bit flat on the Hasegawa 109s, with plasticard and sanding the wing inner reinforcement, cheers
  9. I shouldn't get distracted from my Mustang build but I couldn't resist to start this one.... So, using the Hasegawa Bf 109 F2 kit as base to upgrade to the G2 version, it will be a "in flight" display so cockpit will closed with the pilot figure and not much of the details visible, this is the progress so far, cheers
  10. Messerschmitt Bf 109G-2/R6 IV./JG5 Yellow 3 This G-2 Werke nr. 14649, has been found by a ROV on 60m deep outside Norway. The pilot, Gunter Seraphim survived, but probably got killed in another plane crash on April 10 1945 at Schweringen. restoration photos: https://blhf.org/?id=1533002162
  11. what about this free film decal paper? has anyone have experience with it? thanks to mathieu
  12. photos taken at the Flugmuseum Messerschmitt, they have two G models, none E model https://www.flugmuseum-messerschmitt.de/messerschmitt/aircraft/index.html
  13. great work on thant cowling John! interesting relic pics, cheers
  14. nice job on those rivets, some greta references here, cheers
  15. looking cool John, checking some ref pictures, looks to me that the wheels angle could be slightly more pronounced cheers
  16. Thanks Tom, yes, finally she is standing on her feet, cheers
  17. Thanks Chuck, very appreciated from a superb modeler like you, we are working both for NAA aircraft at the moment cheers thanks John for the info, there is a new Alclad decals in the market, coincidence? https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/PF32412P?result-token=mBaQK&fbclid=IwAR0v6EtqXi2X4XmsWFtM9X8zJLffqbX-ZTdVfoXWJy-4LYraxRZMGCsWD84 I have not update since it's been boring stuff and not much visual, lots of sanding and filling rivets/panel lines... still more to sand and prime ahead but getting closer to the paint phase, most of the "silver" paint has been striped using superglue cleanner, I find out by accident, it works fine and does not damage the plastic, the wheel bay will be closed since is the position depicted in the image I'm rendering, so that excuse me from losing my mind with those pipes and wires detailing also a big shout to my friend Mathieu who kindly sent me stencils made in the silhouette for "Ferocious Frankie" markings, cheers
  18. God bless you are back Peter, missing the progres on this build the lettering came out perfectly, nice 3d resin wheels too! seems like the tail wheel had a protection canvas, some nice reference pics from laurent Boulestin, keep the good, cheers
  19. looking really good Joachim, love your weathering techniques! you might find this pic quite interesting, cheers! Antonio
  20. no idea Mark I didn't make it myself, just reworked the one used in Olivier's build, the alclad sheet I posted needs to be reduce to a 15% to make it 1/32 scale, hope it helps, cheers mate! thanks mate, sometimes it is possible lol, cheers today I finished the decals applying.. some YZC formers and dark washes, next will be the plumbing fun cheers
  21. thanks for your kind words Tom, although I'm not the first in doing this, I was inspired by Olivier's "Misurii Armada" wheel bay in 1/48 and also I've seen in other builds, thanks for comment anyway mate! cheers Antonio
  22. thanks man, I appreciate it, cheers thanks Bevan, I printed a pilot last year, it came out quite well in 1/48 scale so in 1/32 scale will have even more resolution detail, cheers Thanks Master Mark cheers! Thanks John, yes, glad that this technology is finally affordable for our poquet and hobby . cheers Thanks kev, glad you like it man! cheers Tonight task, I decided to replicate the Alclad stamps on the undersurface wing visible through the wheel bays, I printed it on transparent decal with my ink printer, manage to complete one side, tomorrow the other . thanks for watching, cheers if anyone want to print his own here it is
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