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  1. Hi do you thinks these came direct from NZ? Or from US? Strange how NZ and Australia didn’t get any and we are closer. Thanks for that liquidation bean counters
  2. Looking forward to jumping onto ‘basic’ Dora, if she’ll have me
  3. I’ll have to check the rule book- I don’t think Italieri re boots count so we are probably still doing a 2023 wish list for the Guiness records
  4. My uneducated guess- another variation of what they have already put out recently in 1/48 - so Phantom a-z. That’s aircraft any other subject no idea but similar isea. Their next aircraft kit ? Maybe an 1/48 F- 18 but really just a wild guess. They could bring out a p-38 but people have suggested the Mozzie wasn’t a success so would a p- 38 be ?
  5. Hi I was also referring to sprue bros…I think. Seems like the kits that were slow to sell back in the day are the last ones to sell out- large 2-seaters and two engine types with heaps of rigging. The UWD Gotha never sold out in some places- I look at and think- what we’re they thinking!
  6. Looking forward to the desert Tomahawk …this year?
  7. Not sure as I had same thing - 4 kits back in stock but read email email several hours later so maybe they sold out again? Or not sure why…
  8. Wow amazing. Plenty of rigging practice. The tail plane has interesting engineering
  9. Up at an ungodly hour and had same problem couldn’t get on. Still managed to bag a few, not any of the popular ones though. Normally you get free post for spending 500 € but the shipping wouldn’t let you do it for outside Europe so have to pay 70€ and spend less than 500. Such is life for the Antipodeans from whence the bloody things came from in the first place.
  10. If Tamiya got burned on the Mosquito and aren’t doing any 1/32 why would they do a F22? Why even ask the question?
  11. Obviously it was to give people a heads up. But people can say something here if they like…
  12. Over on Facebook Lukgraph are asking for suggestions for 2023. So make a good suggestion or Fairey Fruitbat iv w/ Floats
  13. Wasn’t there a thread on this topic not that long ago?
  14. Hey shout out to Sprue Bros- just received first of a few packages. Still shrink wrapped but perfect condition. Hopefully the economy mail will survive the trip just as well. Really great hobby store.
  15. Hmm… guess if it was an ice troll or something that found out then it would have been ok
  16. Can’t wait. As long as they don’t have she-hulk flying one of those crates I’m in
  17. Good luck to you guys on the East Coast. Sounds colder than a witches titty with frostbite. Here in Oz it’s 21-30 degrees ( no idea the conversion) hot but not unbearable. Peace and goodwill to all men, women, children, dogs, cats and everyone and everything else on our planet - which hopefully isn’t getting more extreme. also hang in there Ukraine
  18. Interesting tool. I’ll continue to rely on Aviattic for my losenge. I think there’s still room for subjectivity. If it looks right to your eye then good enough
  19. Yeah the streaming companies just seem fixated with prequels or marvel superheroes. Also filling quotas - having forced strong female and diversity roles. Band of Brothers type stuff won’t happen again my friend not PC enough. They tried to do a Lord Rings / Tolkien prequel recently, spent a billion dollars and it was utter garbage. JMO Anyway I’ll give this Corsair one a go…
  20. Haha yea really looking forward to ogle some photos in lieu of purchase fondle and build
  21. Well sometimes Revell do some good 1/33. I wonder if they’ll release the ju 88 again? I heard Trumpeter is doing a Hurricane as well so will be interesting to compare.
  22. It’s sad because it’s true Phantom. Overlooked again
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