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  1. I love my Krome, have not done much but play with it as of yet, but it works well if the paint is thinned well (I use acrylic only). Parts are cheap compared to my old Paasche stuff, and the fit and finish seem much better. You have to be careful as some of the parts are TINY, the tip is smaller than a grain of rice. I fully expect it will be an amazing detail brush.
  2. I have used Vallejo Model Air, and Model color through my Paasche Talon, and Model Air through my Badger Krome for a few years now. I do my modeling from a small table in my living room, and the Wife wouldn't enjoy the fumes with solvent based paint. I always use Vallejo's thinner, flow improver, and airbrush cleaner. Their flow improver really works well at easing (but not eliminating) the pain of tip dry, and I have had no trouble with paint being left over after rinsing the brush with Vallejo's AB cleaner. Usually I will flush my brushes with acetone after a weekend of use, and both run as they did when new.
  3. It requires a LOT of sanding to thin the overly thick bulkhead. I havn't closed up my fuselage yet, but it looks like with a little futzing it should fit fine. The parts look much better than the stock plastic. My $.02 John
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