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  1. from the small amount ive done there is 0% tolerance in the pieces fitting together so i think im going to get the dremmel out and sand these bulkheads down well
  2. just to give you an idea of the stand
  3. OK so unlike most kits this starts with the engines. This kit worries me on page 1, how many kits instructions tell you to remove flash!! its a new kit FFS then they tell you to file down surfaces, now i may be wrong but if your making a kit, surely youd make it fit rather then ask the builder to file bits down? so moving on to my build, as mines going to be inflight, i need to insert some 4mm tubing into the jet pipes, so off comes the end of the rotor head the tube was then glued in place with epoxy, sadly i couldnt push them in further because it would foul the tail plane fixture. However the fit is so tight on the engine face and the exhaust and ive packed this with epoxy, it will never move
  4. cheers chaps ill keep the thread upto date, and im an average modeller so if i can build it so can anyone work begins in the morning tonight im reading the instructions with a bottle of wine!
  5. well im about to build the epic revell 1/32 super bug, from reports on here and other forums, the build is not that good, there are concerns about the landing gear and the shape, well this will be nearly OOB as im worried about the landing gear legs been very flimsy, so im going to build her in flight, kindly i have a donated pilot and some nice decals (as the kits ones look a bit thick) so here we go.....
  6. Thanks, that really inspires me to start this the hornet has always been my Nemisis kit, ive binned 2 x 1/48 versions as i just couldnt get them right as i plan to do mine in flight ( due to the soft landing gear) i may be able to circumvent the wheel bay issues im an admin on Revellations forum and have direct links to RoG and weve not heard / been told of any issues, infact we asked for a review sample of the 'F' and last i heard it had been agreed ( but no time frame for it given) If i do hear anything ill post it up
  7. has anyone seen a build thread yet? im about to start mine but i was wondering if anyone is part way, and if there are any issues yet
  8. just caught up with this as i was thinking about buying this kit, this is epic and one i will follow
  9. ive gone for the inflight version, infact the postie has just delievered the Bass rod for the stand
  10. ill start a build thread of mine this week, just waiting on the aircraft and stand as she will be inflight (as i dont like the look of that nose leg)
  11. Sorry guys I've been away, I'll catch up tomorrow
  12. if thats the only fault i dont think it will be that much of a chore to build it up with filler
  13. thanks sadly i cant seem to get those in the UK at present
  14. ok, heres some very bad photos from my crappy phone
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